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Dr. Simone Gold, 56. Anti-vax doctor. Founder of America's Frontline Doctors, Sued.

By now we've all heard of the America's Frontline Doctors. Many of those featured on SAV have been victims of the group's misinformation. The AFLD were early proponents of the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as treatments for Covid. Despite multiple studies debunking the claims made by AFLD, they maintain their standpoint. There was a good story from Time Magazine that describes the damage that AFLD caused, not just to their patient's health but financially, also.

It seems that Dr. Simone Gold's time to shine is quickly fading.

In September she was released two weeks early from a Miami prison. She was fined $9500 and sentenced to 60 days for misdemeanor trespassing at the US Capitol while participating in the Jan 6th insurrection. She will be on supervised release for one year. Her boyfriend, John Strand, was also convicted and is facing a possible $250,000 fine and up to 20 years in prison.

Her legal troubles are far from over, however. She is now being sued by the America's Frontline Doctors, the very group she founded. According to multiple reports, Gold misappropriated funds from the group. She is accused of lavish spending on a $3.6 million dollar mansion, private jets, private security, several luxury vehicles, and gifts for her underwear model boyfriend.

Her Facebook page has mostly been scrubbed but she's still very active on Twitter.

Let's see a few of her more recent tweets:

She feels that she's under attack and will not be silenced!

Well, yes, Dr. Fauci DID say this in an email. According to an article from USA Today, "Responding to questions about the Feb. 5 email during a June 3 appearance on CNN, Fauci said his understanding changed as more information became available about asymptomatic transmission of the virus and the effectiveness of masks outside of hospitals. Fauci and public health agencies have updated their guidance on masks and other mitigation measures as scientists learned more about how COVID-19 works and spreads."

That's how Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gold differ. As Fauci learned more about this virus he changed his statement.

She thinks Dr. Fauci is a "real danger."

Laughable, huh? I don't think there's anything funny about this.

Well, according to Johns Hopkins, the Covid virus, NOT the vaccine, is what is causing blood clots. Panagis Galiatsatos, who treats Covid patients and is a specialist in lung diseases and critical care medicine, said, “In some people with COVID-19, we’re seeing a massive inflammatory response, the cytokine storm that raises clotting factors in the blood.” published an article from Michael Merschel of the American Heart Association News. He writes, "People who got COVID-19 had a higher risk of dangerous blood clots for close to a year later, according to a large new study on the aftereffects of a SARS-CoV-2 infection during the period before vaccines became available. As seen in previous studies, COVID-19 was linked to a sharply increased risk of blood clot-related issues – including heart attack and stroke – immediately after diagnosis compared to people who never had COVID-19. But the new study found that risk remained higher for some problems up to 49 weeks later.

At that point, the risk of deep vein thrombosis – clots that form in large veins – was nearly double in people who'd had COVID-19 compared to those who had not, according to the study published Monday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation."

I don't think they are winning the war. Don't even get me started on Dr. McCullough (threatened with revocation of his medical credentials), Dr. Stella (who said gyno problems are caused by having sex dreams with demons and witches, and that modern medicine uses alien DNA), and Dr. Malone (banned by the New England Journal of Medicine). They've been mentioned on this site too many times already!

Speaking of freedom, I wonder if she'll lose hers again. If she is convicted of misappropriating millions of dollars she could be looking at a lengthy prison sentence!

This story is still developing and we'll keep an eye on it.

To our US readers, I hope that everyone had a safe and Covid-free Thanksgiving!

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Nasty quack. Shame she didn’t get the Ashli Babbitt Lead Medal, as she’s got a lot of blood on her hands…

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A right wing nut job misappropriating funds. Par for the course.

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Brenda Nicholas
Brenda Nicholas
01. Jan. 2023

That would be Poetic Justice if she gets years in prison because she's guilty of negligent homicide multiplied by thousands probably. After the vaccines came out covid deaths were 65% Republican now they're like 80% Republican. I'm sure it helped in some races to have so many dead Republicans but I don't think we can kill enough of them to make that much difference. I know it's a horrible way to think but the world does not need any more Republicans they're racist domestic terrorists that want to end democracy and change our country to a dictatorship. Ron DeSantis allowed more than 80,000 of his citizens die from covid and now he's going to encourage people not to get the…

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