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Eddie and Brandon Mullins, 53, 24, Hazard, KY, unvaxxed and both dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this GoFundMe page, both Brandon and his father Eddie have died of COVID on or around September 27, 2021. Brandon expressed some anti-vaxx views. We aren't sure why Eddie wasn't vaccinated, as he didn't publicly express anything. COVID is mean, get vaccinated. Brandon's girlfriend Loren has that message for us.

Like I said, we don't have any record of Eddie's thoughts on vaccination and COVID but we do have a few from Brandon, who was probably a bit overconfident given his young age. Let's hope this post puts younger people on notice: get vaccinated.

Not sure what this means...

We've seen this meme countless times...

Joe Rogan has caused immeasurable damage...

He gets COVID and has regrets that he didn't take it seriously...

Looking for help...


Something we are seeing a lot of, they get better temporarily for some reason...

Wants to go home...

Now it's come back with a vengeance...

He and his father both die.

So very sad and awful.

RIP Brandon and Eddie.

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It turns out that he did fight so hard for so long just to go back to square one. But why the ‘lol’ when he says he’s deperate and needs something? Nervous laughter to conceal the fear?


Let’s go Darwin! 2 fewer fucktard voters.


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Apr 09, 2022

These are like the dupes of Hazard. Too stupid to know they’re stupid. Every responsible agency told them that this was serious, and you should be vaccinated. I cannot fathom some YouTube video making me believe something that every reputable scientist says is bunk. Was Eddie somehow lessened when he got Brandon vaccinated as a baby? So why let him survive measles, smallpox and polio but die of an equally preventable outcome. Hopefully he was sedated at the end and didn’t have to know that he’d just killed his son. Idiots.


Creepy McStinky
Creepy McStinky
Jan 29, 2022

Let’s go Brandon!


I'm not anti-religion, but I am SO tired of all these people that think prayers are a substitute for actual medical treatment. If there's a God, I am pretty sure he wants us to use our brains and make intelligent decisions.

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