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Edward Hamlin III, 61, Corona, CA, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Like VaxMan said yesterday, we're seeing way too many people starting to blame the hospitals for their loved ones’ COVID deaths. It must be an easier way to deal with the guilt of not being vaccinated. And they're getting louder and louder. I'm going to share a story about 61-year-old Edward Hamlin and his wife Ginny of Corona, CA. Read the story first and then jump to comments here.

Ginny & Edward were sharing anti-vax posts up to the point of their contracting COVID.

Ginny shared this on July 25th and the next day she was not feeling well.

They both go dark for a bit on FB. Ginny's son shares that they're both hospitalized and battling COVID. Ed is really struggling.

Ed's son shared more details about his Dad and thankfully tells everyone to get vaccinated.

Ginny eventually gets out of the hospital unscathed, but Edward sadly passed away and earned his Herman Cain Award.

GoFundMe is of course activated. Their GoFundMe stated that they were hesitant to get vaccinated and that Ginny will now tell you firsthand to go and get vaccinated. Let's see if that holds true.

Ginny then goes dark and reappears three months later. She shared a ton of posts about her sadness and grief over the loss of her husband.

Then something changed.

Ginny shared a link to Texas State Senator Bob Hall of District 2. You may remember him from our story last week. You can view Senator Bob's video here.

More comments from the echo chamber.

I'd like to hear her reasoning on why she survived Remdesivir but her husband didn't.

And again with the echo chamber. One even stated that we need a second Nuremberg trial. WTF is wrong with these people?

Lastly, Ginny shared a story from the "ProtocolKills" group. The comments on this are comedic gold!

Wanna laugh? Her friend Lory comments that the truth only comes from Christian - Daystar TV. Remember our friend Joni and her husband Mark Lamb? I almost died from laughter when I read this.

Her friend Bob Dudley also shared that his brother died from COVID at the hospital. He shared a photo of his brother and I knew that I had seen that photo before. I'd never forget a guy carrying a real lamb on his shoulders. We featured Bob's brother, AJ Anderson in early January. He was another anti-vaxxer that FOFO.

One of our HCAz readers said, "Pretty sure by this time next year, all these awardees will be connected in one way or another". She's so right!

So many of these "hospital killed my loved one" stories keep popping up. I'll share a few more throughout the next couple of weeks.

You can catch some of our other stories on Facebook at "Herman Cain Awardz". As always, get vaccinated and get your booster. The CDC just released this.

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May 05, 2022

Her son Wes, the "Christian" outright lied in his fundraising campaign! Claiming they were "vaccine hesitate" and thought they'd be okay masking and distancing but the memes clearly say otherwise! No jab! No mask! No distancing! Memes don't lie. They *invited* Covid in, and now they are victims. Fuck the fuck off


Let me make sure I've got this right. If Ed improves or gets better, then it's God's doing. If he gets worse or dies, then it's the hospital's fault. How profound does your delusional psychosis have to be to think this way?! Sheesh!


Apr 15, 2022

Ginny looks like she got her dentures from the dollar store.


Apr 12, 2022

Ed passed before I could 'vehemently' hate fuck him. Woof. 🤠 Shame.

(Sorry Ginny, I genuinely came here to hear you talk endlessly about protocols)


Apr 11, 2022

Jill and Marge, keeping California blue!

"Good job with the "protocol," Jill, you took him out slow and painful; did you hate that guy or what?"

"Thanks, Marge. It was his wife, she is a real shitbird. I pumped him full of the remdesivir and the doc jammed a couple of pipes down his throat. He's REAL laid back, now."

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