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Fred "The Undertaker" Sinistra, 41, Belgium, Kick-boxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Note from Vaxman: we have a guest blogger today, Jean-Claude Vax Damn, who is an expert in the Martial Arts and is also against vaccines. Instead, he believes in using his Qi to fight illness.

I just discovered, by letting one of my girlfriends read me this article. that my greatest competition for world alpha-male, Fred "The Undertaker" Sinistra, has been knocked out by COVID. Like a true alpha-male, he refused the vaccine. Also like a valiant warrior, when he got COVID he checked himself out of the hospital to fight the disease in the ring. On one hand, I give the man much respect for fighting this demon "COVID" on his own, but I must say that he must have been too weak to defeat it. Hear this, COVID, I will break you! You will not defeat me so easily!

Here he shouts the mantra of all alpha-males: "A WARRIOR NEVER ABDICATES!":

Unfortunately my fight of December 4th is canceled. I am disgusted but alive thanks to my little wife and my loving uncle Osman Yigin. A lot of sickness is going to attack my lungs. The CRP showing inflammation in my lungs is 165, and the norm is between 0 and 5. A warrior never abdicates !!!!!! I will come back even stronger. Already thank you all for your support 🙏❤️

And then later he posts: "STRENGTH AND HONOR".

You are asking me a lot for my news, I THANK you with all my heart🙏❤️❤️I feel better and better I am being taken care of very well… The prey or the predator? My outlook is exactly the same as for this life. No need to tell you my choice. The march forward has been put since I was born premature and I will continue to fight until death like a man without ever giving up and dying without regrets ... "Strength and honor"

And the announcement of his death:

He joined his beloved eros and is at peace by his side they both watch over us now
CÉLIA & DIEGO you these babies first NEVER doubt it your daddy loves you more than everyone else NEVER forget him either and above all he will always be there for you and me too 😓😓😓❤️❤️❤️❤️

He joined, Eros, the greek god of love and sex. He died a true warrior-man!

RIP Fred!

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