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Gene Dunn, 74, Ventura, CA. Paranormal investigator, photographer, anti-vaxxer, dead from Covid

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

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Gene Dunn was a retired firefighter, a pinup model photographer, full time paranormal investigator, a dad, grandfather, dog dad, proud owner of a brand new camper, and an anti-mask/anti-vaxxer. Obviously, if we're talking about Gene on SAV he died of Covid. Let's see what happened:

It all started on July 3rd when Gene and his wife Barb caught a "bug" while camping. They were both sick but didn't want to say anything. The next day Gene took a Covid test because he was short of breath and the results weren't clear, so he said, "This is why I don't believe all the media BS.. these test are just a money making deal."

The Covid test that he said was just a money making deal now clearly showed he was Covid positive. He said he couldn't take the pain, he was coughing, having breathing problems, and decided it was time to see the doctor. Unfortunately, he was limited in treatment options because he was on day 10 of being sick and should have started treatment within the first 5 days. I think the Covid impacted his spelling and punctuation.

July 7th he announced that he had pneumonia.

On the 8th he said, "I don't know if it's Covid or pneumonia that wand to kill me but I won't let either one do it." His sister brought him a breathing machine even though he was mean to her growing up.

Two days later Gene's wife Barbara started posting updates on his FB page since "Gene is down and out for a few days." Gene was now in the ICU, in a coma, and intubated. Barbara said he'd be there weeks, not days and he needed prayers.

There were several more updates before this but nothing major to report. Barbara optimistically said that the prayers are working on July 23rd. On July 24th and 25th Gene was still hanging in there and making tiny steps in the right direction. He still had Covid pneumonia and was in ICU. Keep praying, of course.

Two days later Gene was dead. Barbara said he had a hard and courageous fight but ultimately the pneumonia was too aggressive and his organs couldn't keep up. Personally, I don't think it's courageous to fight a battle that didn't need to be fought.

He requested no funeral or obituary and he wanted to be cremated in the cheapest cardboard box.

You can't say that Gene wasn't a generous man. See? He donated his Covid vaccine to someone less fortunate. Thankfully, that less fortunate person is still alive while Gene is dead due to his ultimate "sacrifice."

At least Gene died with no regrets.

Gene didn't give a shit and he still ended up dead. Imagine that.

I think it's safe to say that Gene was not vaccinated and was never going to get vaccinated. His posts seem to make that clear and now he's clearly dead.

Gene had tickets to a show but wasn't vaccinated and also didn't have a negative Covid test as required for entry. That really set him off!

I found this TikTok video about Gene Dunn. Is there a SORRYANTIVAXXER thing happening on TikTok or is this a one time thing? I don't use it so I really don't know. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas.

We've learned how Gene felt about vaccines. How does he feel about masks?

Would you be surprised to learn that he was anti-mask, too? Specifically, he said that he never wore a mask and never would.

Gene seemed to be a frequent visitor to Facebook Jail. And what do I see? Holocaust/Nazi/Gestapo references?!? Ohh, you all know how I REALLY hate those! I think it's disgusting how anti-vaxxers act like they're so oppressed. Trying to compare themselves to the actual victims of the holocaust demonstrates how shallow, narrow-minded, and delusional these people are.

Gene had a lot of pride, pride in the American flag and straight pride.

He clearly didn't like President Biden. I have 40+more of these posts from him but I'll spare you from excessive scrolling. You're welcome. I'll even spare you his pro-Trump and Anti-Fauci posts. You've seen plenty if you're a regular on SAV.

There were two redeeming things about Gene. The first is that he clearly loved his dog, Ammo. I appreciate that he treated his dog well and gave him a great life. Ammo was clearly loved and is the only one I feel sorry for since his owner is gone and he can't understand why. I love dogs and think it's special the way they bond with humans. Poor puppers. I hope he's getting extra walks, lots of tennis ball chasing, and good belly rubs.

The second redeeming quality was that Gene could cook! Honestly, these posts made me hungry!

Here is one thing I can relate with Gene on: COFFEE!!!

He was a professional photographer and seemed to enjoy posing his models in some pretty uncomfortable positions. I guess anything to get the perfect shot, right? Maybe former SAV feature Amanda Ogg can study his portfolio for some tips. You can check it out here.

What is the male equivalent of a Karen? A Ken? Or should it be Gene, now?

Imagine the AUDACITY of someone parking on a public street in front of his house! He expressed his displeasure, backed his truck in front of her, and put his trash cans out. I bet she learned her lesson!

This April, Gene and Barbara purchased their brand new camper. I wonder what kind of resale value it has since it's been gently used and it's only a few months old. At least they got in one final camping trip. Too bad they picked up Covid on that trip and it ended Gene's camping days forever.