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Jane Treadwell Holston, 56, Helena, AL. Nurse practitioner & Prof. Anti-vaxx and dead of COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to this obituary and this story, Jane died Sept 3, 2021 of COVID. She was a nurse practitioner and professor at Samford University, teaching Nursing. She was the founder of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner program at Samford. Perhaps it's time to think about putting epidemiology and virology into the curriculum for nursing school?

How did she feel about the COVID vaccine?

She certainly didn't want any "fact checking".

Somehow she was alarmed at the thought of volunteer community org members knocking on doors. Wait, are there really volunteer community org members in this country?

Anyway, she died of complications due to COVID. Apparently her son and husband are sick as well. Rob has had a "stroke" according to friends posts. COVID? quite possible.

RIP Jane.

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