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Jeff Rousseau, 52, Paragould, AR. Covid survivor. A true believer of MANY things.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

According to this GoFundMe, Covid has created financial difficulties for the Rousseau family. Last October, Jeff was diagnosed with Covid. He was hospitalized, ventilated, had a tracheotomy, and is recovering after nearly losing his life.

His battle with Covid was well documented.

This is a long post and SHOULD be read, top to bottom, trust me. If you already read it, click here to jump to the comments.

The first update is from October 23rd.

On October 25th the update said he was responding well to the new medication. He stood for 42 seconds. Things seemed to be looking up! It was the power of prayer, of course.

There was another update, originally posted on October 27th but goes through November 1st. A lot of ups and downs.

November 3rd, more of the same, up and down. What really gets me is the side by side pictures.

The November 7th update said they were going to have to give Jeff a tracheotomy. Again, another dramatic side by side picture.

November 8th, he had fungus in his lungs. He'd lost a lot of weight. He could wiggle his toes and squeeze a hand. He had tears streaming down his cheeks at one point. I can't imagine how painful this must have been.

November 18th, he received a smaller tracheotomy but was fighting ICU psychosis.

November 19th update shared that he has horrendous bed sores and his wife learned how "to suction that awful covid outta his mouth." He definitely looked better than before.

November 22nd, he was able to sit in a chair, finally. I am sure that felt amazing after being bedridden for so long.

Eventually, Jeff made enough progress to be moved to a rehabilitation center. On December 11th he was able to stand up and sit down, he put on some weight, but may need a lung transplant.

Jeff shared this post of his progress. He was walking but had a bed sore. He spoke to his friends and family thanking everyone for their prayers and said he's God's miracle and there must be a reason for him to live. No mention of thanks to his doctors and nurses. This is the last health related post I could find so I'm not sure what his prognosis is or where he is at in his recovery.

I shared all these updates as Jeff battled Covid because too many people think it won't happen to them. If you or someone you know is on the fence about getting the Covid vaccine, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES! This is real. This is what Covid does to your body. You don't have to be another victim!

Jeff and his wife Chevonna share a Facebook page AND Covid misinformation. I grabbed what I could. Many posts have already been deleted or the links to the posts no longer work. While I can't show you a whole lot about their thoughts on Covid, there's enough left for people to draw their own conclusions.

Here we have a article by anti-vax author, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. She spoke to the Ohio House Health Committee as an exert witness and made some interesting allegations against the Covid vaccine. According to a Washington Post article, Dr. Tenpenny claimed the Covid vaccine magnetizes people and interfaces with 5G cell towers.

You can tell the validity of the first video from the title page (insert HUGE eye roll).

There are many credible sources regarding vaccine shedding, or rather lack thereof, so I don't understand why anyone would believe a random guy on the internet who makes a video and doesn't understand punctuation or spelling.

Here is where things start to take a more interesting turn. Strap in folks!

According to this video, after receiving "the jab" Med Beds can reverse the damage. You give a DNA sample which is then taken to a laboratory. Your DNA is then cleaned and all genetic abnormalities, diseases, and cancer will be removed. Then, you can choose from a variety of Med Bed procedures. There is optional age regression where you can reverse aging by up to 40 years. It can recreate new limbs for amputees or even help your soul into a cloned body!

They said, "This is a must watch." This video clip is from the Reawaken America Tour. This sold out tour featured guest speakers such as RFK Jr, Eric Trump, Mike Lidell, Michael Flynn, Alex Jones, Dr. Jane Ruby, now deceased Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a bunch of pastors, AND Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

I'm not sure who the speaker is in this clip (maybe someone can tell me in the comments) but he starts by saying that he has found lots of whistleblowers (to loud cheers from the audience), then continues to talk about how India used Ivermectin to treat Covid and now there's "no more Covid." That simply is not true according to the data. He continues to talk about Biden taking away American's medical freedom, hospitals killing Covid patients with Remdesivir, and how the Pfizer vaccine makes you more likely to contract Covid. Basically, it's most of the Covid misinformation memes we see often all summed up in one video.

Apparently Jeff knows that Antarctica has been taken over by the Navy! He shared this video from SAV alum Cirsten Weldon (deceased from Covid) who is joined by Scott McKay and Sacha Stone. Around the 8:15 mark Scott McKay talks about how the dark fleet went down in Antarctica. There's also talk about how the vaccine is poison, 5G is bad, and all sorts of interesting stuff. Really, that video just blew my mind, and not in a good way.

A bit about Scott McKay and Sacha Stone:

Scott McKay is a well-known, tomahawk toting, Q-Anon conspiracy theorist known as the Patriot Streetfighter.

Sacha Stone has said that the Covid vaccine is a way to nanochip humans so The Beast can take control of their souls.

When I first saw the post below, I had no idea what it meant. Then, when I was looking up Scott McKay, I found an article that said: "At a rally in Nebraska, McKay explained the tomahawk's significance. If the Democratic officials McKay claims make up the 'cabal' will resign peacefully, he'll share the peace pipe with them. But if officials refuse his demands, they'll face the tomahawk."

I still didn't understand because I am not well-versed in Qanon.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, "QAnon believers falsely claim the cabal is abducting children to kill them and harvest their blood for a chemical known as adrenochrome, which is used to extend their lives. This belief is a centuries-old antisemitic trope based on the falsehood of Blood Libel, in which a cabal of Jews kidnaps and murders Christian children. QAnon’s claims of pedophilia and one of its latest campaigns, #SaveTheChildren/#SaveOurChildren, relies on a slogan that has been used for decades as an anti-LGBTQ dog whistle to paint LGBTQ people as a danger to children, usually through pedophilia."

That explanation of the cabel helped me understand why there were so many posts about child abductions and trafficking on Jeff and Chevonna's page. There were even more posts that I didn't capture and several featured Tom Hanks and Oprah. I figure this was plenty though.

Is this more Qanon stuff? I genuinely don't know or understand what these mean. I'm almost too afraid to Google it.

They shared this video from The Lil Talk Show with Brad Barton. Brad tells his audience that a Marine said the clock hits zero on September 17th, 2021 at 2400 hours. Every family should have 2-3 weeks of non-perishable foods, water, and weapons ready to go because of rioting. In October the country will become insolvent and a new, greater America will return. Biden isn't the President. Trump is still the REAL president and everything will be reversed.

You'll just have to listen, if you dare. You may be dumber after you hear it, so don't say I didn't warn you. After you watch this, let this sink in: Brad Barton's channel has almost 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. Jump to 13:20 to get to the good stuff if you dare!

Humm!!! JFK Jr is still alive, eh?

If you want a trip, read the comments on the first YouTube video.

They said, "Hummm!!!" again as if they've shared something clever. This video is from conspiracy theorist DAHB0077 and supposedly shows a massive explosion of energy in Hurricane Henry because the government can blast hurricanes with energy bombs to charge them up with energy.

I had to look this up. Again, I don't speak "Q." According to this article, Qanon believes that the US Space Force has all the evidence needed to overturn the 2020 Presidential election.

Jeff/Chevonna said, "If you don't watch this and share!!!! Something is wrong with you!!!! The Truth is being exposed!! And for those that tired of waiting for something big to happen!! It doesn't get much bigger!!!"

Cheers to you if you can get through this video. Basically, Joe Biden isn't real, he's a fake being controlled by Pelosi, Obama, and the bankrupt corporations. Also, Trump is the 19th president and has written the second Declaration of Independence.

I think I lost a few brain cells watching this.

From what I could find, Trump is using GESERA and NESARA to stop the New World Order.

Speaking of Trump:

There are these claims of voter fraud:

Finally, Jeff said that the Rapture is coming, but they are ready!

I don't know about you, but I learned a few new things thanks to Jeff and Chevonna. I'm not sure that learning these new things made me any smarter, though. I think it had the opposite effect. I think I need to go listen to some classical music and read something by Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan to restore the intelligence I lost while making this post. Or should I try and make an appointment for one of those Med Beds?

A word of warning from Jennifer Tarwater, the organizer of the GoFundMe: "No weapon formed against this family will prosper and every tongue that rises up against them or his health will be condemned."

Good luck to Jeff on his road to recovery. Let his experience serve as an important reminder to get vaccinated!

7/24/22 Update:

It looks like Jeff is still alive and kicking! Dodie says that, "Jeff has good days and tough days and still really bad days." She adds the hashtags, #covidsucks #survivor

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Prevention Is Key.
Prevention Is Key.
Dec 15, 2022

A year later and Covid is still a bitch and his wife still did not advocate for people to get vaccinations.

Nov. 19, 2022 update from his wife:

UPDATE on his health…. He does pretty fair most days but then he’ll be in bed a few days where he is extremely tired. And the brain fog!!!!!

Jeff Isaacson
Jeff Isaacson
Sep 02, 2022

Just another guy with Small Penis Syndrome getting slapped by the Covid Karma train.


Aug 16, 2022

Serves him right, it is a shame he is still around....


Aug 12, 2022

To the killer of innocent animals, hope you’re on disability the rest of your sorry life, and your wife leaves you for someone who can perform!


Aug 07, 2022

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