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Jeremy Campbell, 47, Henagar, AL, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Another one I forgot to post. Sometimes I was waiting on a death notice or obituary or something and then moved on. As you can see, when I screen-shot the last post here he was still alive. Anyway, according to this obituary, Jeremy died of something on October 1, 2021.

The ONE woman who died from vaccine appears again...

Oops, vax wasn't the cause (from a SAV member):

He's not a sheep...


People don't understand math...part of the issue, really:

Trust the homeless person:

Not many knew that the guy in this picture died from COVID:

Got COVID and things didn't go well...

The whole on his stomach thing so many went through...

Antibiotics are ok, but vaccine wasn't, I guess...

More prayers please...

Notice that I took this screenshot before he died:

He died (the Jeremy Campbell post that was here before was a DIFFERENT unvaxxed Campbell).

RIP Jeremy.

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Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies
Jun 05, 2022

To Stoopid by half


Doug Weiskopf
Doug Weiskopf
Jun 04, 2022

Its amazing that ignorant anti-science folks are still dying from not having a covid vaccine. Many of the loudest antivaxx voices are now dead, fittingly I think.


When alabama loses a magat voter Angels all over smile.


I once read someone saying that we're heading towards an anti-intellectual society. People who know nothing about a complex subject feel empowered to mock those who have dedicated their lives to studying it.

Ann Jamieson
Ann Jamieson
May 22, 2022
Replying to

Plus their English is always awful, no spelling or grammatical skills.


I made 2 Jeremy's in the WC this AM

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