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John Courchaine, 29, Craftsbury Common, VT. Kookbabbler, Anti-vaxxer hoping to run for Governor.

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

SAV is going to take a bit of a different approach as election season is on the horizon. It's time to put a spotlight on the Kookbabblers! Kookbabbling isn't really defined as far as we can tell, but you'll recognize the attributes of a Kookbabbler as we bring you more of their stories. Don't worry, we'll still have regular SAV stories as they come to our attention.

I can't find anything that indicates that John has had Covid, which is usually a prerequisite to appear on SAV. However, John is a vocal anti-vaxxer who is running for public office and using his platform to spread vaccine misinformation. I think that someone running for public office can be held to a higher standard than those typically featured on SAV.

Disclaimer: Before we go farther I also want to say that I'm an LGBTQIA+ supporter, which is relevant to this story. I'm truly saddened and scared by what is happening with SCOTUS threatening gay marriage, the "witch hunt" for trans kids and their families in Texas, the 'Don't Say Gay' bill in Florida, and the many other threats to our LGBTQIA+ community in the US and around the world. As a straight woman I may not fully understand the correct terminology when discussing issues among the LGBTQIA+ community, and if I do make a mistake I'd be happy to make a correction and become better educated.

Now let's meet hopeful 2024 Vermont gubernatorial candidate, John Courchaine!

Vote USA gives us a look into John's political profile and qualifications:

Take note of John's political experience and remember that name, Kevin Hoyt. He'll make a few appearances in this story.

John ran for office before but was unsuccessful, receiving only 29 votes.

While I can't find any indication that John has or has not had Covid, he is certainly unvaccinated and has shared many of his thoughts on Covid and the Covid vaccines through his Facebook and TikTok accounts. Let's explore:

John likes to make shirtless TikTok videos and frequently uses the hashtags

In this TikTok video John says that the vaccine is poison:

Here he addresses comments he's received regarding his volunteer efforts. He says that it's difficult to volunteer because (1) there are limited opportunities, (2) he works, and (3) some positions require the Covid-19 vaccination, and "I ain't getting that fucking vaccine. I ain't injecting that freakin poison into me."

Just a smattering of anti-vaccine posts from his Facebook page:

All of my friends' children are vaccinated, know how to wear masks, and are doing great! Some of the littlest ones could use some work on their table manners and pronouncing their words (it's SPAghetti, not BAsketti!!) but none of them are living in fear, traumatized, or suffering from psychological damage.

Speaking of childhood trauma, he shared this post from CanDEATH Owens as she "calls out" CDC-sponsored child abuse.

John participates in an interview with the Talk Freedom Crew. He comes in around 10:20 and says he pretty much knows he can't win because he can't get media coverage. Around minute 44:00 the group starts discussing Covid -- this is where you want to start watching. They talk about the vaccine giving people heart attacks, making people sterile, causing clotting, but the clots apparently aren't blood clots and the injection of a protein grows irrespective of blood, and the mRNA vaccines change your DNA...

You get the picture. It's a lot to listen to if you're up to the challenge!

There's a lot to take in from this post! He covers January 6th, 9/11, Bin Laden, JFK's assignation, cloud seeding, global warming, and of course...Covid and Covid vaccines. All of this has been communicated with a stunning lack of punctuation.

John says that he hates to be the bearer of bad news but "we don't have unvaccinated, Republican and true patriotic people willing to fight back running that are doing debates in Vermont in person."

Here are a few other non-Covid posts from John:

Mr. Rogers is the one who looks like a creepy pedo?!?

He made a couple posts about Project Blue Beam.

He's a fan of "duets" on TikTok, where he films himself watching another TikTok. This one is about Project Blue Beam. Click the image below to link to the video or watch the embedded video below that.

Embedded version:

The Satanic New World Order?

Celebrities are being replaced? Eminem was part of the Illuminati and has been replaced after a car accident in 2006? Paul McCartney was possibly replaced, too? I'm surprised he didn't mention Mick Jagger and Keith Richards because I'm amazed they're still kicking! Maybe they're not part of the Illuminati, though.

He shared several posts about cloud seeding, poison skies, poison air, etc. Several are from his buddy and another potential 2024 candidate for Vermont governor, Kevin Hoyt. More on him later, but remember his name.

John starts off complaining about trolls, then explains to his followers and critics why he can't fact check everything. He says, "You ain't ever gonna hear the fucking media tell you the truth OR the government...Operation Mockingbird has never ended and until we get real, patriotic Republicans in office you're never gonna get the truth." He follows that by calling Mark Zuckerberg a pedophile and that adrenochrome is part of it (Q-talk for Hollywood elites harvesting the blood of children). He ends the video by saying, "Ya wanna be a freakin, snowflake crybaby, troll, motherfucker, go find a whale dick and suck on it."

This is where things take an unexpected turn. Is John also Mallory? Again, how anyone identifies is NONE of my business. I don't care who you are, I care what you have to say and if you're telling people not to get the vaccine, then I DO care.

In this video John addresses the pictures from years ago where he dresses differently. He can't access them or see the photos because Zuck likes to screw with his account (though I seem to have no problem seeing them). He explains that he went to therapy after a bad breakup because he dated someone who told him she was an anti-vaxx Republican, but that was a lie! He admits to dressing goth but since he's in politics now he has to "clean up a bit." Then, for a while, he thought he was transgender. It's curious to me that John is running on a platform of true, red-blooded Republican values when the Republicans are working hard to strip the rights, identities, and healthcare of the LGBTQIA+ when John once identified as transgender! It's kind of like Republicans and abortions: they're against it until they knock up their mistresses or their teenage daughters get pregnant. It's okay for them...but not for you.

As someone who said they once thought they were trans, I find this next post puzzling:

Here's a side by side of Mallory Walter and John.

In this post from March of 2021, Mallory explains that she'll be on the ballot as John Courchaine since she hadn't legally changed her name and that, if elected, she'd be the first transgender representative of Orleans County.

For a formerly transgender candidate, I found these two posts puzzling. I believe they were written after John was still posting as Mallory but no longer identifying as transgender.

Mallory used her Facebook account to echo the same thoughts and views as John. So there are two accounts spreading the same kind of anti-vaxx posts and more. The last line says: "If this vaccine was safer and tested so many more would take it but the shadiness begs questions."

And more...

It looks like John has lost access to his Mallory account.

So let's get back to John's campaign. He and Kevin Hoyt were speaking at the Freedom Rally on September 7th.

John hasn't figured out how to accept donations for his political campaign, but if you'd like to support him, there's a way! He can sell you his campaign yard signs for $25 or Trump bumper stickers for $5.

On September 29th he posted a TikTok video and he's more optimistic about getting the signatures needed to get on the ballot. He was recognized by THREE people while getting groceries!

He says, "Together we can do anything and Together we'll Make Vermont Great again."

John listed his previous professional experience as working on Kevin Hoyt's campaign. He and Mallory shared a lot of posts supporting Hoyt.

From John:

From Mallory:

We know that both John and Mallory support Kevin Hoyt, but who is he?

Hoyt is also hoping to run for Governor of Vermont in 2024, but as an Independent, not a Republican like John.

Kevin says "crazy things" are in the Vermont skies. Don't worry, they ARE man made. According to WCVB in Boston, it was just another Space X launch.

Vermont is a UFO hotspot?

Kevin gave a talk about Tachyon energy and Earth's 5D Ascension. Click below to watch the video on Rumble.

This is one of the advertisements linked below the Rumble video. I think I'll pass on this opportunity:

Good Humor ice cream and human trafficking?

Whoa. Big news.

Here are the links from his post if you want the details:

Here's something for the ladies! Do you meet John's requirements? Be sure you haven't had the poison jab!

He also made a couple of videos about dating. He states that he's looking for a Trump-supporting woman who is also a Republican, pro-2A, unvaccinated, against global warming, and doesn't believe in abortion. She must want kids, but he prefers that she doesn't already have kids. Looking for ladies living in Illinois, New York, Massachusetts or someone who is willing to travel to meet him. To these women, he says: reach out, he's single!

Between John and Kevin, I'm not sure which will win the Vermont nomination for governor in 2024. Either way, good luck to both on their campaigns! Be sure to check out John's Facebook Page: John Courchaine for Orleans County Rep

I shared John's story because it's important for us to know that there are others like John, all across the US and the world, who are running for office, who might end up having control over your district, state, or country. Remember that when you think that your vote doesn't count, or you don't want to take the time to stop by your polling station. Look at what's at stake. It's more important than ever to be informed about your candidates, to vote, and to make your voice be heard.

US residents: if you're not registered to vote or want to confirm you are registered to vote, please visit:

If you know of any Kookbabblers running for office, send us the story! Click here or at the top of the page at "Submit a Story."

Oct 2nd update:

Of course I would never recommend trolling anyone. However, as someone who is running for government I think it's reasonable for John to be questioned on some of his more objectionable posts, videos, messages, etc. Ask legitimate questions and allow him to defend himself and give answers. As a politician it's his duty to answer his constituents.

October 9th update:

Obviously, he's not a fan but this story was written using HIS Facebook posts and HIS TikTok videos. Also, we never received an email and we also never said he was dead.

He shard this to 17 different Facebook groups.

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Gail Maulhern
Gail Maulhern
08 mai 2023

I could not get through all the nonsense but I can clearly say within the depths of my soul….I am confused as F@#%! And I think He and Mallory are as well! Mallory is one of his multiple personalities. His Dissociative Identity disorder is SCREAMING!


  1. Looks like they will need a bariatric ambulance to take him to his inauguration after they remove a wall to crane him out of his basement.

  2. Never trust a person who cant paint his windows properly to run a state.

  3. Total Kaczynski vibe, but can you be a terrorist if you cant touch your toes? Maybe his keyboard is enough?


Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
28 oct. 2022

Well, there's a real (pudgy, squishy) "Alpha male" for you. Looks like a goddamn cherub.


the guy who wrote this paragraph is one of our finest political and legal scholars and deserves to go straight to the supreme court of the land as it's chief justice

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