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John Powledge, 63, Witchita, KS, Chaplain, Not "not an anti-vaxxer", Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to the social media posts below, John died of COVID on Oct 4, 2021. John was a Messianic Jew and a rabbi in Witchita, KS. He kept posting anti-vaxx messages on Facebook, which started by saying that he wasn't an anti-vaxxer. Uh, you were NOT not an anti-vaxxer John! (Edit: I previously referred to John as a rabbi because some of his friends who posted about him called him "Rabbi". I learned that as a Messianic Jew he's more of a Chaplain. Sorry for my misunderstanding).

You'll see what I mean by the not not an anti-vaxxer thing in a bit:

Fauci is the high priest of "SCIENTISM". First I've heard of that. Is that a bad thing?

"First I'm not anti-vax... "

I guess we should be well aware that John isn't at all anti-vaccine...HOWEVER...

He doesn't start this one with the not an anti-vax proclamation for some reason:

Anyway, this not-at-all-anti-vax guy didn't get vaxxed and what happened?

He died of COVID.

RIP John.

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