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John Trad, 65, Rose Hill, VA. Retired. Dead of Covid.

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

John Trad, formerly of Tazewell, TN passed away on August 8th, 2022, according to this obituary. John's wife, Anita, told us what happened. In May they both got Covid. John ended up in the ICU in June. By July he was moved to a care facility to continue his recovery. Ultimately, John decided he hated dialysis and would no longer receive treatment and chose to go to hospice.

Anita announced his death.

I wonder if his dumb ass (his words, not ours!) vaccinated son in law and family will be attending his funeral. Did you catch the last line? "BUT mostly it is because of the people who are telling lies and you are DUMB asses that believe what anyone says." This post is really sad. His anti-vaxx stance was more important than seeing his grandchildren. Now he's dead and his grandchildren will see him at his funeral. I hope it was worth it, John.

John said, "The best way to so no right now is quit wearing mask and I know a lot of you are going to say we're watching out for the elderly and others and that is bull**** they are going to pass when it's time and it will be recorded as a Covid 19 death unless you are standing there saying bull**** so go with the sheep if Trump leaves office it is over" So John, I guess it was your time to pass.

Thankfully, John didn't post a lot about Covid but he made his stance and thoughts perfectly clear. Let's check out some of John's other posts: What a good, "Christian" prayer. Wow. I would have walked out, too.

Oh John, President Biden never said that. I'd tell you to read about it, but obviously you can't. So, for anyone else interested in how this viral meme got started, click here.

He had some thoughts on January 6th and the "stolen" election:

He seemed to be happy about not paying income tax but I wonder why he thinks he was going to jail. DID he go to jail? So many questions!

Ya think?

Anita is certainly acting like a grieving widow. Here are some of the posts she's made since his death:

RIP John.

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I don’t know how or why these people keep getting the ”sheep” thing backwards. tRump has a bunch of sheep following him. John was one of the sheep following. Easy enough, but I do realize that they are not very bright.


Hey John, I'm four years older than you when you passed and I've had two original vaxes and two boosters and I never got Covid. I'm walking my daughter down the aisle next June, while you'll still be dead. Who's the dumb ass now?


He could've easily had a 2nd career renting himself out for Children's Halloween parties...


Famous bond villains....


Clues that this is false:

If Joe Biden had actually said this, then John Trad would probably have been a big fan.

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