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Johnny Kay, podcaster/YouTuber. Anti-vaxxer who got Covid, encouraged vaccines, then deleted it.

Johnny Kay is a podcaster. I belive he's Australian but lived in Los Angeles for a while, as well as Canada. I wasn't going to watch all of his videos to try and figure it out though. Initially, when I started on Johnny's entry I thought this would be a story of redemption. I was so hopeful! After a bunch of anti-vax podcasts, he and his mother both contracted Covid. He recovered and encouraged vaccines. When I went to write his story and update it, POOF, his Covid posts and encouragement of vaccines had vanished. So, what gives? Maybe he got blowback from his audience. Maybe he decided that since he recovered the Covid vaccine isn't necessary after all. I really can't say. So, sadly, Johnny Kay will not be receiving the redemption award...yet. There's still a chance though, and I'm holding out hope.

Here are some of Johnny's anti-vaxx podcasts & posts:

Here Johnny talks about Cinderella Law and how Covid-19 is a tool to control everyone.

In this podcast video, Johnny talks about his friend, a model from the UK, who he only knew online and never met. She and her family took the 'poison jab', the AstraZeneca vaccine, with tragic consequences. At 4:20 he clearly states he's anti-vaxx.

In this short, 30 second video, Johnny tells his listeners to think hard before you act. There's a Covid-19 vaccine vial and syringe in the corner of the screen. It's very dramatic.

Johnny says that the vaccine "discriminates, divides, and judges society as it is. The "vaccine" does all of the above EXCEPT IMMUNIZATION."

He adds, "All you people have been completely deceived."

All good things must come to an end...

On July 9th, it seems that Johnny has Covid and it's NOT just the flu!

A couple days later on July 11th he gives an update on his bout with Covid. Johnny says he regrets not getting vaccinated. His mother also has Covid and he's still scared.

Now that I look back at both of his Facebook pages, Johnny has scrubbed the posts where he admitted he had Covid and removed a lot of his podcasts from the past few months. I wish I had downloaded more when they were still up.

I'm not sure what changed. Johnny nearly earned a redemption award but I'm not so sure now.

In case you're interested in Johnny's other exciting videos and podcasts, here are a few more for your viewing pleasure:

Johnny says that "anybody who is religious belongs in the same category as pedophiles, because they're both as bad."

Here, Johnny talks about how he hates greasy, try-hard WOGS and they need to stay off their phones. He says that he's not racist though because he's a wog, too. I had to look up what a wog is and according to in Australia, it is a racist term used against Italians, Greeks, Lebanese and Maltese.

Here is five minutes of Johnny walking around Los Angeles. I have no idea what he's saying because the sound is awful.

Johnny asks the hard hitting question in this interview, "What are your thoughts on motorcycles? Are you pro motorbike? Are you not for it?"

Johnny expresses his views on gay marriage. Watch the video before you jump to conclusions!

To watch more of Johnny's videos and podcasts, you can visit his YouTube channel, Midnight Podcast or his Facebook page, Midnight Podcasts 2.

Well, Johnny, you've gone radio silent on your Covid experience. I hope that you and your mother are well. Please, remember how difficult Covid was on you and your Mum. Use your influence and voice to spare others the same pain by encouraging vaccines. Be well.

A personal note from Vaxxylady:

My apologies for not putting a post up for a while. I had to travel to handle a difficult family situation. It has left me physically and emotionally drained. The last week and a half has been really difficult so I really appreciate your patience.

As a token of gratitude for your patience, we'll be bringing back the badge challenge! To earn your badge, watch three of Johnny's videos/podcasts. Leave a comment below and list the three you watched (it's on the honor system) and you'll be rewarded.

Because this post comes with a badge challenge, keep the comments focused on Johnny's post and Covid-related topics. This change is only on this post, unrelated posts will be deleted to keep things clean and so we can assign badges. We've had a lot of people asking for badges and this is the only way we can manage it without trying to sort through thousands of comments. This is a test run to see if badges can come back so we hope everyone can cooperate.

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Yuge Goatee Fan
Yuge Goatee Fan

OK, I watched 3 of the vids. OK, the 3 shortest ones.

I might be too late for the badge.

This man has really random thoughts.

He's worried about:

-Kids and aluminum? I think it would be better to worry about all the shit in everyday stuff.

-Thinking b4 you act. Speaking of that, did he think (or know) about what's in the tattoo ink?

-Road rage, nice, yells at people, hopefully he doesn't have a gun. I don't like people using phones while driving, but I don't think terrorizing folks solves the problem.


Not too late! Sorry it took me a bit to get it to you.


The  Prayer  Nazi
The Prayer Nazi

If anyone watches and believes or agrees with any of his content then they should die most horribly..get back on your meds, you delusional idiot..



Ouuuuuuu, he’s not seen a shower or barber in years! Makes my day to hear he’s toes up, so to speak!


Mary M
Mary M

Another idiot and liar. These lying tools who promote anti-vax beliefs continue causing tens of thousands of new, chronic illnesses which the rest of us will get to pay for.

Example, my neighbor's 17 year old son played sports and hung out with his friends last year before he became eligible for a vaccine. Their home is pristine, no allergans, etc. Now he has chronic asthma, which he never had before. He probably got "asymptomatic" covid because it is very rare to develop in males at this age.

Thanks, idiot, as we keep watching the massive # of repeat cases and continued deaths.



Johnny, Brian has made you even less relevant than you were before.

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