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Justin 'Joose' Schelpe aka Justin Mochoruk, 41, Edmonton, Canada. Anti-vaxxer, dead of Covid.

Hip hop promoter and owner of JAK Moves Entertainment, Justin Schelpe, aka Justin 'Joose' Mochoruk, lost his battle with Covid.

How did Justin end up on SAV? First, an anonymous source sent us his story, so many thanks for that. Second, he posted a lot of anti-vax posts on Facebook.

He posted that "Coronavirus hype is biggest political hoax in history," that Covid is a sham, and that it might just be man flu.

I think we all know what a "reliable" source Bitchute is.

Peer pressure isn't just for teens anymore. I'm all for peer pressure to get the vaccine! You want to hang out with me and the cool kids? Better have your vaccine!

I've had two boosters, three to go until I get a set of steak knives! Fantastic! I'll take whatever booster I can get because it sure as heck beats dying of Covid!

He didn't believe that a lot of deaths were actually from Covid.

I've had many Covid tests and I've had many colds in my life. I've never tested positive for Covid.

Justin's post is partially correct, according to the WHO. HOWEVER, 95% of deaths from TB occurred in developing countries where more people live in extreme poverty and are more likely to live and work in poorly ventilated and overcrowded situations where TB is easily spread. It has nothing to do with media and fear.

Lockdowns didn't control Coronavirus because of places like Florida!

He declared that pedophiles are safer than the unvaccinated!

Wait! He found the cure for Covid. Get in line for a shot of Justin!

Speaking of blow jobs, he found this awesome, Dallas Cowboys mask:

Bill Gates paid the WHO to declare Corona a pandemic?

Oh dear, did he really believe that?

That about sums it up for Justin's thoughts on Covid.

Justin has a connection to one of the most popular people featured on SAV, none other than Mark Friesen. Mark was running for office as a member of the PPC, the People's Party of Canada. The PPC is a right-wing party opposed to vaccination mandates and support the lifting of pandemic restrictions, among other things.

Here are a couple of charming posts from Justin:

Can you spot Justin in the video? He's in there! I actually kind of like this song.

His fun didn't have to end. It could have continued if he had gotten his Covid vaccine!

Get vaccinated, peeps!

RIP Justin

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John Newman
John Newman
Sep 15, 2022

I feel a certain kind of sympathy for these AVs, even Boy-Justin here. They are all so profoundly gullible, doltish and witless. Somewhere along the way they tossed their brains out of the window and learned how to distrust science, scientific research and the highly educated people who labor on such matters. All this is fun and games if you are merely a flat-earther, birther, or just a victim of alien abduction. But to doubt the existence or deadliness of a novel (wish the CDC had kept that word "novel" in there) coronavirus that is scourging the world is damn pathetic and close to insane. Sorry AVs, you will be remembered only as a curious footnote in some graduate student'…


Aug 27, 2022

Sorry but the beard is just hideous.


His is still one of the ugliest faces on this site.


Unknown member
Jul 27, 2022

I don't get the joke about the man flu. Women get covid and become men? I also don't get the "somebody's daughter" cartoon at all.

Justin's beard looks like a little face mask with two straps.

Edit: he's dead, right? Yeah, I double checked: he is dead. I'm glad. He didn't seem very nice to women.

Jul 28, 2022
Replying to

First thing I thought when I saw his face was that he got run over by a motorbike.


Jul 26, 2022

Sadly, there is nothing nice to say about this person. Another candidate for the Darwin Awards, although, given how many whacko antivaxxers there are out there dying, I don't know how many awards are left to be given.

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