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Karla Ann Perry, 41, Virginia Beach, VA, Author, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

According to The New York Times, testing is up and cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all down in the US. We've finally seen a major decline in HCA nominations. I hope all of our healthcare workers are feeling this too. Today, we thought we'd share a February fan favorite.

Let me introduce you to Karla Ann Perry and her husband Joseph. Karla is the author of The Reformation of America. Joseph touts that he's a religious leader, speaker, author and coach/consultant. One of our readers advised that Karla is a Calvinist - a follower of John Calvin, the well-known Protestant reformer. Like any theological system, Calvinism is molded to fit a certain narrative. I don't know enough about this subject, so I'll leave it at that.

It's Sunday, so I hope you're relaxing, sipping a coffee or getting started early with a cocktail. This is a long one, as Karla and her husband are very "wordy" in their posts.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Karla wrote that, as a church, we must all come together in the same place. The lesson we don’t want to learn from the pandemic is that church is better on the couch. She also had to mention that it’s important to keep tithing. Religious leaders need to get paid. 😉

I know this has nothing to do with Covid, but it paints a picture of who we're dealing with here. Somehow she's claiming that a minimum wage is bad and God doesn't support it. What kind of crazy-ass spin is this? They're always against something until it affects them. Anti-vaxxers don't care about Covid until it affects them.

By May 2021, she's over it. It's just a pandemic of the mind. 🤔

She's also ready for Virginia to open up and is very against the ban on evictions. I wonder what Jesus would do here?

False. The Amish communities have been hit hard by Covid-19.

No mandates! 🇺🇸

Karla states that this is what it looks like when you force the truth to fit your politics? The apostle Paul said if you don't work then you don't eat. And Paul’s thinking doesn't contradict what Jesus said about feeding the hungry. She also mentions welcoming your neighbor but setting boundaries. This sounds like her spin to get Christians to dislike immigrants. Her spin to be a Christian but be ok with NOT giving any handouts.

Blah Blah Blah Blah...

Looks like we have another self-identified patriot.

Joseph's thoughts on poverty. 🤬

Joseph is going to take over from here. They both contracted Covid and Karla ends up in the hospital. 😔

The ventilator is off the table but it's back on the next day.

And it‘s officially back on.

Joseph needs five specific prayers. Do you think their friends write these requests down so they can remember the five exact things they need to pray for?

Karla needs healing from this demonic pneumonia. I know something really simple that could have helped with this. 🤔

Prayer warriors are activated.

Here we go. He's asking about "alternative" medication. AKA, horse dewormer, or some other anti-vaxxer protocol. The hospital is now allowing him to physically see her because all of those prayers worked. God is good. 🥳

Her fever is back and the ventilator is down. And by the next day, she had a major setback.

Karla is still on the ventilator. Joseph continues to anoint her for healing, sings for her, and lays his hands on her.

Karla now has blood clots and the doctors are worried about her oxygen levels not coming up. It doesn't sound good.

At this point, she's been on a ventilator for two weeks.

The vent goes up to 100% and then back down again. Up and down, up and down.

He's missing his Valentine. 😔

Today Jesus is the only good news. To me, it sounds like Jesus isn't doing a good job.

GoFundMe is activated. He had to make sure that everyone knows that he isn’t asking for a handout and wasn’t aware of the GoFundMe until now. Sure, Jan! 😉

On 2/15/22, the doctors are out of options.

On 2/20/22, as we say at HCAz, Karla sadly earns her Herman Cain Award. RIP Karla.


Don't be a Karla. Get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco
13 abr 2022

I can't believe rubbing oil on her forehead didn't work.

Me gusta

12 mar 2022

RIP, died young.

Me gusta
12 mar 2022
Contestando a

She wont have to worry about minimum wage.

Me gusta

This lady is (was) creepy AF.

Me gusta

Buster Morley
Buster Morley
08 mar 2022

When ever I see these devout Christians I am always reminded of the Parable of the Drowning Man.

A storm descends on a small town, and the downpour soon turns into a flood. As the waters rise, the local preacher kneels in prayer on the church porch, surrounded by water. By and by, one of the townsfolk comes up the street in a canoe.

"Better get in, Preacher. The waters are rising fast."

"No," says the preacher. "I have faith in the Lord. He will save me."

Still the waters rise. Now the preacher is up on the balcony, wringing his hands in supplication, when another guy zips up in a motorboat.

"Come on, Preacher. We need to get you…

Me gusta

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
08 mar 2022

Karla Perry:

Another cockroach, stamped out.

Me gusta
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