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Laura Loomer, 28, Mar-a-Lago-ish, FL, Hate Speech Artist, has COVID. Is death looming?

UPDATE 6/26/23: Update by popular demand. Link

According to this story, Laura Loomer — the crazy Muslim-hating, conspiracy-touting, sensationalist — is battling COVID. We'll keep an eye on this one.

And relative to COVID we only need to quote one thing:

So it's a race between bad fajitas and COVID...I've got my money on COVID.

Maybe she'll change her ways? Maybe she'll get better and use the angry podium she's created to tell others to get vaccinated? We'll see.

Stay tuned.

August 26, 2022 update to Vaxman's original story from 9/18/21:

Laura Loomer survived her bout of Covid. She said, "Can't even begin to explain how brutal the body aches and nausea that come with covid are. I am in so much pain. This is honestly the worst part about it." She was treated with hydroxychloroquine and asked for prayers. She tried to get Ivermectin but was denied. Sounds like it was a bit worse than food poisoning to me! Regardless, she made it through.

Recently, she won the Republican's nomination to represent Florida's 11th district in the US House of Representatives. She narrowly lost to incumbent U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster. She refuses to concede the election and is claiming she lost due to voter fraud. So far, she has been unable to produce any evidence to back up this claim.

She may have won the fight against Covid but she lost the election.

UPDATE Jun 26, 2023:

Laura Loomer can't taste her food anymore. I guess she can expect more bouts of food poisoning (that she thought was potentially worse than COVID):


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5 hours ago
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I believe we have the answer to Snoop’s question!


13 hours ago

Time for the 'Fox News commentor Follies' Indy 500 edition. A political indication:

Josef Newgarden wins back-to-back at Indy 500, pulls away from Pato O'Ward in final lap


I was there today. Saw a single Trump flag on an RV, and one guy wearing a Trump shirt. In 2016 there were thousands wearing MAGA hats. Seems like people are tired of Trump.


14 hours ago

The Apparel Was Being Laundered. Unlike Democrats, Conservatives Bathe & Wear Clean Clothes. What Were YOU Doing There? Looking For Lost Change In The Parking Areas??

  • The Troll can't construct a relevant reply so he shitposts.


They know women who hate his stance on abortion (not to mention that he's a confirmed sexual molester) are not voting for him, they'll HAVE get Nikki to trot out to the rallies. It's standard that those who have not been 100% loyal and then return to him get to be embarrassed on stage at some point. Rarely funny or nuanced, it's just a reminder not to fuck around again. Dangle a nice job for her. Actually Birdbrain's humiliation will be just getting started. Say she takes a Sec of State job or something, those who had those jobs under The Con still get routinely bashed by him.


Dear Vaxman or site owner, I am having trouble accessing the site from VPN or TOR. Could you please make it easier to access the site from TOR ?

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Nobody has heard from Vaxman in almost a year. So unfortunately appealing to the site owner is not much use here. It’s one of the sad realities of SAV.


After being booed by the Libertarians, Trump decides to try a new tack

"I stand before you today, a committed white supremacist, asking for your party's nomination. Whatta you got to lose? Together we can do this."

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