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Laura Pepper Allen, 57, Lima, OH, Account Clerk, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to this obituary, Laura died on January 14, 2022. According to her son (post below), she died from COVID. Not much back story on Laura except that she represents the Midwestern region of the sorry anti-vaxxer club extremely well. Leading the Midwestern region automatically puts her in contention for National SAV recognition.

So what anti-vaxxer accolades does Laura bring to the table? Let's see...

Well, she posted this in July '21. I'd say that downloading this off of this site is going the extra mile: (I'd love to know the percentage of dead who downloaded this.)

Oh, and she also recognizes and gives condolences to SAV entry Judy Mikiovitz (David Nolde). Extra points for that!!

Oh, and she shared PLANDEMIC (Judy's anti-vaxx masterpiece that led to the death of her own husband):

Edit: She goes ahead and lets everyone know in advance that we shouldn't feel bad when she croaks (she's agreeing with this Andrew Klavan fellow). I don't know about you, but I'm happy for her that she herself had the courage to let go. I'm sure her grandson, son, and all of her friends are glad they got to spend her last moments with her instead of dragging it out for another 30 years.

She was FULLY unvaxxinated:

With those posts alone, she's fighting for top Midwestern Sorry Anti-vaxxer status. But what really sets Laura apart are the videos she shared. She hit all of the beats with these short but dense (really dense) videos:

Nuremberg 2.0, crimes against humanity!

Dr. Peter McCullough on Joe Rogan. She's getting all of the key quacks and fraudsters onto her page!

This is scary! Good anti-vaxxer post:

This guy is a great fraudster! He uses all of the same argument techniques that REAL SCIENTISTS use, except that he's wrong. Also, he even discusses the split between Republican and Democrats and seems to suggest that the Democrats (vaccinated) are the ones suffering. Uh...has he seen the numbers? Anyway, extra points to Laura!

Oh, McCullough again trying to say that myocarditis from vaccines is worse than myocarditis from a COVID infection. Uh...ok, and what about pneumonia and death? Another GREAT SAV post, Laura!

OMG is that apparent stroke victim Robert Malone? Why does it take so long for him to form a thought? Extra credit for Laura.

This is good one, perhaps a little long, but it's some crackpot suing "fact checkers" in Europe. I'll allow it.

Anyway, Laura's son announces her death due to COVID.

At least she lived life for a couple of months, rather than having to deal with the inconvenience of taking precautions.

RIP Laura.

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