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Lesson Not Learned

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

You'd think that after someone loses a loved one or two to COVID, they'd do everything in their power to protect themself. I'm going to start this story off with the Moy family from Malone, NY.

Let me introduce you to Peggy Moy, her 74-year-old husband Frank and their daughter Carolyn Simons.

Peggy has all of the typical anti-vaxxer memes.

Peggy's daughter Carolyn does too.

Carolyn is ordering this mask for her pecka' head father.

I guess daddy is a dirty old man. 🙈

Can you imagine writing "Let's Go Brandon" on your daughter's face? I'm speechless.

Keep note of the date that she shared this.

Two days later. Her brother is hospitalized and on a ventilator.

3 days later. Her brother passed away.

Four days later and she's back to shitposting.

Peggy is now sharing a shitpost from her daughter.

Carolyn's daughter (Peggy's granddaughter) wrote this???

Carolyn was so excited that the vaccine mandate got placed on hold that she has to thank Jesus.

3 days later. Out of nowhere, Peggy shared this. Unexpectedly? Hmmmmm. We'll have to keep digging to see what really happened to Frank.

Wait, what? What is going on over there?

Peggy & Carolyn don't wait too long to go back to shitposting.

The shitposting never ends.

And then our HCAz spies found this. Frank died from COVID.

And the shitposting still continues.

One last one. :)

We have a couple more stories to add to this over the next couple of days. Stay tuned!


Michael Serafino, 66, Feeding Hills, MA, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

Our next "lesson not learned" story is 66-year-old Michael and his wife Patricia Serafino of Feeding Hills, MA. Michael started his career as a music reviewer for the Springfield Republican newspaper and then went on to a 40-year career in wealth management. Patricia is a retired social worker.

They're both extremely political and were lucky 😉 to attend a star-studded fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago. Look at those smiles.

I'll start here. Michael is complaining about life in a COVID world. As a wise HCAz reader said, this is the "worst Ted Talk ever".

Michael's friend responded to the above post and Patricia does NOT like it.

Here are some of Patricia's anti-vaxx posts.

How can someone laugh at COVID cases being up?

A month later. She's asking for "unspoken prayers".

She's still not mentioning COVID. Is someone embarrassed?

Two days later. Michael passed on to eternal life. Link to Michael's Obituary

Two months later. She's complaining about some kids coughing in a store.

The doubling down begins.

She's failed to understand who's actually dying after July 2021.


She's now good with masks.

She's lost without her soulmate.

The first mention of COVID.

She's shared this in the Facebook group, "I miss my husband".

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Unknown member
Aug 08, 2022

COVID denial is killing mostly Republican antivaxxers.

No loss.


Jun 14, 2022

Unknown member
Aug 08, 2022
Replying to


Jun 14, 2022


Unknown member
May 22, 2022

These antivaxxers will not be missed. Their deaths will be celebrated as proof that vaccines work and the human immune system is not strong against COVID but a path to death and oblivion in the ground as there is nothing after death: no glory, no heaven, no god, nothing.


Linda Beaver
Linda Beaver
May 03, 2022

These two are the poster children for whitest-of-white privilege, total dumbfuckery, and absolute gullibility. The Tr*nt wife strikes me as the type who believes that soap opera characters are real. 🙄

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