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Lloyd Mills, Abilene, TX, 79, Conspiracy Theorists, Anti-vaxxer

I thought I'd seen all forms of nuttery after researching thousands of anti-vaxxers, but Lloyd changed that. We’ve featured religious nuttery, political nuttery and plain ole nuttery. Well, let me introduce you to Pure Nuttery, and it’s amazing how much Pure Nuttery this one has floating around his tiny brain. Jump to comments.

Let me introduce you to Lloyd G Mills.

Let's begin.

Of course, Trump is the messiah.

We have an anti-mask and a firm anti-vax confirmation.

There's a lot of this on his page, and his followers eat it up.

The "late" Bill Gates.

But Steve Jobs is alive.

I don't know what the heck he's even talking about here.

Some more cray cray.

Da Fuq!! This guy needs to come back to reality.


Absolute gibberish.

A few of his followers shared some messages. 😂😂😂

A few days later. He comes back with this.

Lloyd has top secret intel.

Uh oh. Prayer warriors activated.

His followers let loose on his page. All those people are dead or soon to be dead…….apparently.

All that “TRUTH” was too much for Facebook.

He's back in business but never responds.

Da fuq! I can only imagine the stuff they spew on Telegram.

Carey asked a question. Lloyd didn’t answer.

"Praytriots". That's a new one.

Lloyd, keep your loonies in check.

More bad news for Lloyd.

Sadly, Lloyd passed away. No more truth or intel for her followers.

The end.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook at Herman Cain Awardz

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