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Lorenzo Damiano, 56, Venetian Anti-vaxx leader, ICU with COVID, recants his anti-vaxx stance.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this story, Lorenzo recanted his previous anti-vaxx stance after just a week in the ICU. This is the second well known anti-vaxxer from Italy we've had on this site, and both ended up saying they'd get the vaccine. Makes me wonder if the Italian doctors tell them they will save them if they recant or not. Anyway, Lorenzo was a very extreme anti-vaxxer who formed something called Nuremberg 2, where he wanted to hold trials for the people pushing vaccines, and supposedly had a list of these people. He also ran for Mayor of Conegliano based on his Nuremberg 2 idea, but only got 3% of the vote. His website simply claims they were doing Rosary prayers against tyranny. He was a New World Order conspiracy theorist, loved Donald Trump, and was convinced that Trump would be reinstated in September. However, after he got really sick he did a complete 180 on vaccines and said, "Now my vision has changed and I believe in science. I’m getting the vaccine." After he got monoclonal antibodies he said “I’m feeling very good, I’m recovering, fireplace. It is clear that my vision of the world has now changed: I want to be ready to let everyone know as soon as possible. – He announces – how important it is to follow science together, the one who heals and saves you." A pretty amazing turnaround for someone who has led an anti-vaxx movement for almost a year. This is long for posterity's sake. Click here to go to the bottom.

Let's establish Lorenzo's previous stance on the COVID pandemic and vaccines.

The "this was too fast for a vaccine" argument:

This is the first mention I could find of his "Nuremberg 2" agenda. He mentioned it in just about every anti-vaxx post after this.

Here he's praising Florida and Ron DeSantis for banning vaccine passports:

I guess Bill Gates will be the first to be tried in the Nuremberg 2 trials:

Something about the Venetian government and NWO...

He gets an image (logo?) to go with his Nuremberg 2 thing...

He's going to have a rally... (He has many):

Did you know there is a fine for even talking about vaccines and COVID-19 in Florida?

Ah, just like anti-vaxxers in America, he's saying death numbers are inflated:

Uh...yeah...this leans Qanon:

Crimes against humanity:

Vaccines are a death machine:

More death machine warnings...not sure what a sperim of hope is (probably bad translation):

Some rant...

It's all the Satan variant:

For some reason he thinks 7 billion people don't want the vaccine.

Not to be outdone by American anti-vaxxers, he's also calling the house-to-house service for vaccines a Nazi thing:

Lots to parse in this bad translation:

I take it they had a mock Nuremberg 2 trial or something?

He claims to have a team of experts working on Nuremberg 2:

In hindsight this seems pretty dumb. Billions have been vaccinated by now:

He doesn't understand what a vaccine is...

He's getting TV time in Italy:

The LIBERTY argument:

The we-don't-know-what's-in-it argument:

The vaccine is a trick to get apps on our phones:

The Doctors-are-getting-paid-to-diagnose-COVID argument:

Exposing the COVID hoax:

Attack on humanity with poison:

Fuck Bill Gates?

"They" are trying to kill us all:

Is he saying "trust your natural immunity"?

Interesting. This is like US anti-vaxxers saying White House staff isn't vaccinated;

I think this was some kind of YouTube Live presentation on Nuremberg 2:

Ah, the but...but...Israel argument:

He's pissed that Nuremberg 2 isn't getting enough press:

He gets some press:

I learned an Italian word:

The "Experimental Vaccine" argument:


An amazing turnaround by Lorenzo.

Carry on pro-vaxx!

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