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Makhan Singh Parhar, 48, Delta, BC, CA, Yoga Instructor, flat-earther, anti-vaxxer. Dead.

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

According to many reports Mak Parhar died on November 4. We do not currently know the cause of death, but Mak admitted on several of his many livestreams that he's been sick with sore throat, fever, and a cough, but says it couldn't be COVID (CONVID he calls it) because it doesn't exist. As you'll see below, he certainly didn't die of pneumonia. I suspect the cause is from blood clots like we saw early in the pandemic before blood thinners were used in the treatment program for COVID patients. However, if the coroner determines his death was unrelated to COVID, we'll remove Mak from I wasn't going to post Mak yet, but I got about 200 messages requesting Mak's post. :)

Mak owned a yoga studio in Delta, BC and became known for denying that we live on a spherical shaped planet. Like most flat-earthers, he picked up the anti-vaxxer torch and ran with it. He was arrested for violating quarantine rules after returning from the US and was extending his court dates because he was too sick to attend. He discussed the COVID mask and vaccine mandates with disdain in just about every livestream he's done throughout the entire pandemic up to one day before his death. He had two types livestreams; one was streaming and ranting while driving his car and the other was attending protests, commenting on speeches, and talking to other attendees. He leaves behind a wife and a child.

Most of Mak's anti-vaxx content is contained in recordings but he had a few anti-vaxx memes:

Here was one of his two types of live streams. This is a standard 'going-to-a-protest' stream type. Lots of walking and talking and complaining about people wearing masks, and then talking to some protestors.

This is other type of stream, sitting in or driving his car. In this one he explains that he's been really sick and wonders why since he never gets sick. He describes symptoms that sound like COVID, but says it can't be COVID because it doesn't exist.

This is his last live stream that he did the day before he died. He doesn't seem like a dying man and even though he's still not healthy he's better than in the one above. However, I've seen many COVID related deaths where someone without comorbities dies overnight because of blood clots due to the COVID infection. But it could've been a heart attack as he was a fairly high-strung guy.

RIP Mak.

We'll keep an eye on the coroners report and decide whether he deserves a spot on SAV.

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