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Marc Cartwright, 64, Naperville, Ill, Retired Software Eng., Anti-vaxxer, died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary Mark passed away on September 15, 2021. He died of COVID. Marc was an extreme anti-vaxxer and spread as much anti-vaxx misinformation in one month than most of the people on this site do their entire Facebook careers. Oh well. FAAFO.

Strap in, here we go with Marc's posts in the 20 days before he was hospitalized with COVID:

OH LOOK, he's posting a picture from a previous sorryantivaxxer nominee, Veronica Wolski, the bridge lady in Chicago. Ode to My Pillow Ass.



You're about to not have to deal with 'tyranny'.

Your friend tried to tell you...

Resist. You did, and found out.

They should all lose their jobs. F'em.




How many times have we seen this dumb meme?

Could happen...

Soon be done for good.

Just 20 days to live and you're posting...

Hospitalized by September 5:

Dead on September 15:

RIP Marc.

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