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Marilyn & Dave Blanco, 75,74, Manteca, CA, real estate agent, pastor, anti-vaxxers, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to social media posts (below), Marilyn and her husband Dave are both dead from COVID. Marilyn died on December 6 and Dave passed away two weeks earlier. What makes it more difficult to understand is that Marilyn's sister had battled and lost her life to COVID in August, 2020, so Marilyn and Dave knew just how dangerous COVID-19 could be. They also knew they were in the age range of high risk. Yet, they steadfastly remained anti-vaxxers (at least Marilyn did, I can't find posts from Dave).

Let's see what Marilyn was sharing on Facebook as far back at July 2020, before her sister got sick:

Her sister, Chris, gets COVID and dies:

She says a prayer for COVID victims. Notice she's praying for the "elderly". At 75 isn't SHE the "elderly"?

Apparently, she believed Trump's claim on Hydroxychloroquine:

More misinformation about HCQ:

Now, remember her sister died of COVID:

More of the Black White Supremacist:

One of the standby memes:

Anti-vaxxers are all worried about anti-vaxxer nurses:

Now she's posting things against Remdesivir? I'd hate to be a doctor these days.

Pretty obvious that she's not going to get vaccinated:

More don't-do-what-the-CDC-recommends':

Her husband Dave dies (Marilyn was "doing good"):

But then she died two weeks later:

RIP Marilyn and Dave.

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Jan 16, 2022

Sorry not sorry, covidiots!


Another one bites the dust. The ignorance i astounding! RIP idiots


She looks like Kellyann Conway! i hope she gets it!


'Keep praying' Really?? A miracle did happen this year, I've seen it 3x so far. 4 if you count the flu vax. Or you could pray:



Silver Shamrock
Silver Shamrock
Dec 17, 2021

Don't need a realtor

Nor a pastor

Both selling a shit bill of sale

Yet, a virus works much faster

Covid isn't a joke

Don't you know

Yet they grifted

From the government dole

Now a dead pair

Of assholes

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