Mark Boris, 51, St. Marys, GA, Healthcare Professional yet an anti-vaxxer, died from COVID

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

According to this update on go fund me, Mark Boris, a healthcare professional from Saint Marys, Georgia has died from COVID. Both Boris and his wife Maggie are healthcare professionals, why didn't he get vaccinated? We'll let Boris tell you with his social media posts:

Boris was against vaccines and vaccine mandates;

He thought Dr Fauci is a liar:

You have to read this to believe it. He worked with patients with COVID and he blames immigrants for his troubles.

This is what his wife had to say, also a healthcare professional (lab assistant):

"I don't understand how this has gone so bad."

What?! You work in a hospital! You and your husband see COVID patients everyday, and STILL you don't know how this has gone so bad?


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