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Mark Fonner, 65, Cincinnati, OH, Antivaxxer

The level of stupidity in this next story is quite high. Mark had a career in logistics management and he also moonlighted as an EMT. Later in his twilight years (2020), he got ordained into the Ministry of The Church of the Nazarene. Which is probably where his stupidity grew exponentially. Jump to comments.

I will start with a bit of a back story.

I bet he caught it in church.

You would think his bout with covid made him respect the virus and take precautions. You would have thought wrong.

Well, it was only two weeks in the hospital. That's mild compared to others.

Let's check out other aspects of Mark's character. His religion is a good place to start.

Hmmm, not only is he stupid, he is a blithering idiot too.

Ok, 1/2 a point awarded to him for this post. Well done.

And 1/2 a point deducted for this post. John Wayne? Ughh.

For someone who purports to being a "Christian", Mark is not very nice.

Let's check out his politics.

Yep. He is Trumpanzee. Not that surprising.

Irony makes an appearance.

And we also have some mumbo jumbo.

And now for the fun bit. I have been omitting some interesting information from you all.

This is Mark's wife. Mark has had long covid since his bout with the virus in 2020. Now you understand why I said the level of stupidity is high.

I don't think leaving him to fend for himself was a good idea, Alicia. 😱

See! I told you so.

Yay for Mark. 🙄

He looks well, doesn't he?

I hope the Fonner stupidity gene wasn't passed down to her.

Dear Gods!! He has Leukaemia too?? And he is Anti-vax???🤦🏾‍♂️

Ok. We are now all up to date. Let's see how this story ends.

Nearly three years of "Finding Out". Faaaark.

Some comments I found amusing.

Some last words from Mark.

A hopeful post from Alicia.

And Mark has finally been released from rehab.......into the arms of Jesus.

The End.

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