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Mark Kuronya, 55, Fire Fighter, Bethlehem, PA, re-poster of anti-vaxx memes, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this obituary, Mark died from COVID on September 1, 2021. Like most of our entries here, he was a regular re-poster of the old anti-vaxx memes we've seen. Memes are killing people.

Here are just few of his posts and remarks on COVID:

Boy, isn't this one funny? No it's not.

Where have we seen the following one before? Oh, on every dead anti-vaxxers site we've seen!

This one too:

Name the anti-vaxx meme and Mark posted it!!

One more so you get the point.

His comment on this one is ironic. He's posting all of the same memes as the rest of the anti-vaxx herd. Who is the lamb who was led to slaughter?

I'm not going to post the rest, but believe me, he posted them all.

RIP Mark.

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