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Mark Wheeler, 61, Mont Belvieu, TX. Covid conspiracy theorist, dead from Covid.

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Mark Wheeler, husband, father, grandfather of seven, and owner of Clark Machine, died of Covid on August 28, 2021 at the age of 61. His company posted a tribute about him on their website and said "he bravely ended his fight with COVID." Personally, I think it's more brave to get a vaccine than to end a fight with Covid. His obituary says he will be remembered for his infectious laugh, but here at SAV he will always be remembered for the infectious virus that ended his life.

Covid took his air along with his spelling ability. This was Mark's last Facebook post and he died 8 days later.

To earn a coveted spot on SAV you have to contract Covid, demonstrate anti-vax thoughts, and post Covid misinformation. We'll demonstrate that Mark has certainly earned his spot on SAV. It does seem like there was some Facebook cleanup but there's still plenty to clearly document his views on Covid. His wife's Facebook page was scrubbed back to 2018, pretty typical now of anti-vaxxer Covid deaths.

Mark shares that Covid, like the JFK assassination and 9/11, is a conspiracy. His friend Patti agrees.

Covid is theater? I give the Covid show ZERO stars, do not recommend!

He shares that Ivermectin and HCQ are the cures for Covid but the government doesn't want you to have it so they can kill people.

He posts this list of steps to fight Covid at home. It didn't seem to help him at all because he passed away in the hospital. I highly recommend that everyone ignore any medical advice from Mark.

How did that new strain turn out for you, Mark? Given the date of your death (and this timeline) it seems that the Delta variant wasn't bullshit after all! Now there's the truth!

Well Mark, I'll explain. Cancer and diabetes are not highly contagious viruses like Covid-19. If you're so concerned about the price of insulin, then you should know that ONLY 12 House Republicans voted in favor of the Affordable Insulin Now Act while 193 Republicans agreed to keep insulin prices high.

So, everyone denied the Wuhan leak theory to avoid Covid being a tool for racists? Check out his friend Milton's comment below. Mark has some top quality friends. Wow.

Mark shared this meme called "forced penetration." Nobody can physically force you to take a vaccine. There are vaccine mandates and if you don't have a vaccine you may have certain permissions revoked or denied, like the ability to travel internationally, enroll in schools, work in certain jobs, etc. Mark was a former Marine so he is no stranger to vaccine mandates and compliance.

He posts the typical anti-Fauci, Bill Gates, and Zuck stuff:

Now that we know his feelings on Covid, you know what's next! You betcha! Trump love and Democrat hate! As a bonus, I included some posts from Mark's wife, Deeann. It's a house full of support for Trump!



Whoa, is this a threat? Does he really advocate the hanging of government officials? This seems pretty violent and scary.

Speaking of threats, he reposts this from Dan Crenshaw. Are they saying they want to deliberately bring Covid to the White House and Nancy Pelosi?

With threats like that, maybe Mark shouldn't have had guns (most of his page is about guns. SO many gun posts).

This is just disgusting but his friend Monica thinks it's hilarious! Given that he wants to hang government officials I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he thinks the murder of George Floyd is funny.

Mark often wonders what the poor people do as he's out fishing on his boat. What a classy guy, eh?

He brags about his days fishing while wondering what the poor are doing, check this out. If he was so rich and better than the poor then why did his business, Clark Machine Inc. take $743,460 of PPP loans? Both loans were forgiven, but not until after his death.

Huge thanks to SAV reader, MeatMarket, for the good sleuthing. Thanks from Vaxxylady!

Mark, remember when you posted that Covid was a government conspiracy to kill the elderly and sick to steal an election? I guess it did come true for you!

RIP Mark.

A kind reminder or notice to new SAV readers: there are lots of pictures of his grandchildren online. No reposting of anything with minors. Thank you for cooperating. Vaxxylady

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Sep 25, 2022


John Baker
John Baker
Jul 26, 2022

If there's any living thing in the known universe dumber than a conspiracy loon, I'm at a loss as to what it might be.


Good riddance to trash.


Kathi Carney
Kathi Carney
Jul 01, 2022

Glad it's dead.

It wasn't human

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