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Michael Link, 54, Greenville, SC. Anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID complications.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this obituary Michael died November 20, 2021. Michael is proof that there is Karma. He got COVID in June of 2020, long before vaccines were available, and was in the hospital for 4 months. He was in rehab and on oxygen since then. As the vaccine became available he posted MANY anti-vaxx posts throughout 2021, but they really ramped up in the last couple of months. Then his lungs got worse (because of a virus, he says), but this time it killed him, proving the Karma will come and get you. He leaves behind his wife and 6 kids.

In June 2020 he gets COVID and enters the hospital...

And on the same day as this post he pushes HCQ:

More hospital:

Then we don't get an update from him until October 11...he's still in the hospital:

Fast forward to April 2021...he is at home and living life, but notice that he's still on oxygen.

And he starts posting anti-vaxx articles and memes:

And he's back in the hospital with a "viral infection" on September 7:

He gets to go back home:

He says he "Kicked its ass again!":

He still posts fear mongering, anti-vaxx posts, now more than ever:

On the 25th of October he posts a video of himself, learning to walk again. Apparently it's the one year anniversary of this.

And yet more anti-vaxx stuff:

Now he has to have surgery:

They changed their mind and approach:

Against mandates the next day...

You knew he'd be anti-Fauci too, right?

How someone can post anti-vaxx posts on the same day he posts something like this defies logic:

He and his not-wife (different Stephanie):

He and the healthcare workers taking care of him:

He'd die 10 days later.

RIP Michael.

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