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Michelle Hoover, 54, Anchorage, AK. Med tech (radiology), anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE(11/13/21): We have an update from her cousin who posted on her Facebook page. Spoiler alert: Once you've read the original post then... See Below

Original Post (11/12/21):

According to social media posts (below), Michelle died from COVID on October 28, 2021. A lot is mysterious about Michelle, including her age, which I'd love to get some verification on. Apparently, Michelle worked at the Providence Hospital in Anchorage in the radiology department. She caught COVID and died in Maryland while on an East Coast driving tour, looking for her three long lost sons (whom she claims were stolen from her at birth, by Illuminati attached to the Mormon church). Michelle was definitely an anti-vaxxer, as you'll see, but the COVID conspiracy was the least crazy of her beliefs. She believed she was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). (If you are a regular reader of SAV you'll recall that Sorryantivaxxer Russ Dizdar was one the top SRA investigators.) There are indications that most of the Qanon mythology about elite Democratic pedophilia rings comes from the SRA crowd. Anyway, it seems that Michelle was suffering from delusions and was mentally ill. (After covering so many of these, it seems as if most anti-vaxxers on this site are on the spectrum of mental illness.) Surely the hospital she worked at had mandates? Maybe that's why she had time to travel, looking for her sons (honestly, it is unclear whether they even exist). This woman needed some help, but it seems there was an entire community of friends who were enabling her, or at least believed the crazy things she was saying. Also, what is the deal with Anchorage, Alaska? This is our third crazy anti-vaxxer from there. (Short cut to comment section)

First, let's establish that she was indeed an anti-vaxxer...

She spread the memes...we've seen this before:

The fetal tissue DNA thing...that's false...

Attacking Dr. Fauci of course...

Attacking Bill Gates of course...

Government control using surgical masks...

Comparing vaccine mandates to rape...

The I'm-not-going-to-be-part-of-your-experiment meme...

She works in the hospital and "sees" things...

Seems like she got this backward in hindsight:

That's basically where the commonalities with the other anti-vaxxers on this site begin and end. Michelle seems to have some even more severe mental health issues than just your average anti-vaxxer-government-conspiracy theorist.

First, she has some photos that were part of a Versace photo shoot in the 1980s...(That's her on the left.)

But the Illuminati she claims to have been born into prevented her success:

In March she starts telling more of her story...

She was "Croon" Hilary Clinton's Witch Protege...

This is grotesque...

She must be schizophrenic...

She has a past with Donald Trump too...

Mathew McConaughey and his father abused her...

Beyond this craziness, she claims that she had given birth to three boys, Henry, Leroy, and Oscar, all of whom were stolen from her by these illuminati, and that she is trying to find them. She has the help of her niece, who claims to have had 5 children stolen from her by the same Latter Day Saints people. You can read about these things here: and

There there was a gofundme because they got sick in Maryland on their trip to find Henry, Leroy, and Oscar. (It doesn't exist anymore, but I found a cached text-only version.):

But...Michelle ended up dead:

There was another recent and more interesting announcement of Michelle's passing because this same person knows previous SAV entry William Topel. It's a small SAV world!

RIP Michelle.


UPDATE(11/13/21): According to Michelle's cousin, Michelle had cut off family members who tried to help her. Also, she never gave birth, as she was born without a uterus:

RIP Michelle.

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John Newman
John Newman
Dec 02, 2021

Crazy eyes. Nuts from the get-go.


Nov 24, 2021

I feel like she was suffering from an antipsychotic deficiency. It’s unfortunate that those with mental health issues don’t get better help



Nov 20, 2021

Pretty terrifying that someone this mentally ill could be working in the medical field in ANY capacity.


Elena Winter
Elena Winter
Nov 19, 2021

So she worked with radiation, which is deadly af, but also highly beneficial in the medical field, but couldn't understand that vaccines are lifesavers in spite of having possible side effects? I mean... yeah, she was obviously extremely ill, but just from a medical standpoint, it doesn't make sense.


I’m still spinning from reading her tale. No part of her life was untouched by delusion; taking a road trip in search of your non-existent 3 sons is next-level unhinged. If only it hadn’t killed her, covid would have been the least of her problems.

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