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Mike Rupert, 56, Mesa, AZ, was suspicious of government and vaccines. Dead. COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this post, Mike Rupert passed away August 24, 2021.

Mike loved anti-Fauci memes:

He posted false narratives about COVID being developed by Dr. Fauci :

And posted false info - vids on COVID vaccines:

And of course the anti-straw-man door-to-door vaccine memes:

Oh and this strange anti-vax one:

Another one bites the dust. RIP Mike.

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He was suspicious of the government and vaccines. He should have been suspicious of the people playing him like a fiddle.

They fed him bad information online or wherever, and he drank it in like mother's milk. Then he spread the lies around as if he knew what he was talking about.



Jan 28, 2022

Just checking in.


Still dead. Good.


You guys are all hell bound P'sOS!

I knew this guy since kindergarten. He was a kind soul who had an opinion. WTF do y'all know about life except how to make yourself miserable living yours. I'm vaccinated & I could care less that he wasn't. That was his decision for his body. If you got the vaccine then why are y'all so F'n worried about it?

Replying to

It's not just an opinion.

His 'opinion' could easily have led to the deaths of others, just as someone else's 'opinion' probably has cost him his.

We can choose our opinions, but we can not choose our reality. The reality is covid kills, and the vaccine can help people survive the onslaught, and reduce the spread.

Very likely that virus passed through many dozens of people who had 'an opinion' that the "the virus is a hoax", or "masking doesn't work", or "the vaccine is dangerous", or "the survival rate is so high we are worried over nothing". Any one of those many people could have broken the chain of events that brought the virus to this Mike person. Any…


Sep 18, 2021


Unknown member
Sep 18, 2021


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