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Mike 'Santa Claus' Anderson, 68, North Pole, Staunch conservative and anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

UPDATE (12/24/21): If you don't get any presents on Christmas it's probably not because you were naughty. See below:

Original Story (9/3/21):

According to this obituary Mike "Santa" Anderson died on August 25th in Lafayette, GA from COVID. A staunch conservative and anti-vaxxer, he leaves behind his wife and 8 reindeer.

Santa didn't think much of Dr. Fauci:

Conservative Santa is into Universal Healthcare?

Santa with Covid started feeling the Chinese Virus.

But the elves couldn't come up with Ivermectin. Apparently reindeer don't get worms?

Oh well, maybe now we can stop worrying about the whole "naughty or nice" thing.

RIP Santa!


UPDATE(12/24/21): Not sure what's going on with Santas being anti-vaxxers but according to this story, the "Hire Santa" lost a vast majority of 335 trained Santas due to COVID in 2021.

Here is the full story:

Merry Christmas!

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