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Missy Orr, 55, Hillsboro, MO. Married to anti-vaxxer Kenny. Died from COVID.

According to this obituary, Malissa Tippy Orr died on August 25, 2021. She didn't make her vaccination thoughts known, but her husband Kenny sure did. You're gonna love Kenny. He also got COVID but continued pushing against vaccines and masks. He sure did get over his wife's death too, as he seemed to level up his rate of politically motivated posts and anti-vaxx posts.

So this post is about Kenny. Let's see what he was/is posting on Facebook. He's a little different in that most of his anti-mask, anti-vaxx, and anti-Fauci posts are made AFTER he and his wife get COVID. (Pay attention to the dates of his posts):

Standard meme:

He, his wife and his daughter get COVID... he’s clearly pushing "alternative therapies" which we know don't work:


religious rant:

He thinks he's an epidemiologist:

Standard meme:

Pushing HCQ or Ivermectin...tough to say... either way it’s BS:


Wife in trouble:

His daughter is all about getting vaccinated:

Kenny is angry too but for a different reason than Katie:

Still shitposting as his wife is dying:

Still shitposting:

She died:

He's sad at least temporarily:

Back to shitposting:

RIP Missy.

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