Nancy Becker, 65, Williamsburg, PA, Hairstylist, anti-vaxxer, died from COVID.

Updated: Oct 26

UPDATE (10/26/21): Nancy has passed away. Post below.

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According to her daughter's posts, Nancy is intubated in critical condition from COVID. This is going to be a bit of a different take. Sure, Nancy was a typical Facebook anti-vaxxer. As a part of what I call the great anti-vaxxer meme explosion of August 2021, Nancy participated by reposting all the same memes that all the other anti-vaxxers posted and that readers of this site now know all too well. I'll post some of them below. Now, we've seen some anti-vaxxers who have posted videos of themselves under duress, most recently Amy Briar-Bement who posted the gut wrenching video of the progression of her disease.

For this post we'll focus on Ashley Cruthers, who is Nancy's loving daughter. She has been giving her family and friends video updates on her mother's condition. She has been baring her heart wide open for everyone to see. She's absolutely genuine and she goes through every emotion from sadness, to hope, to anger, frustration, and back to sadness again. She's also not one to start a gofundme, instead she's organized a benefit and arranged for dinners and is selling tickets, all the while holding down a job and caring for not only her mother but also her step-father, husband, and child, all whom are also sick with COVID with varying severity. Yes, Ashley should also have assured her and her family were vaccinated, but everyone should have a daughter who loves them this much. Hell, maybe everyone does? I personally am pulling for Nancy, for Ashley's sake.

Yes, Nancy posted the standard anti-vaxx memes:

Bill, Fauci, and Soros. Vaccine Holocaust, Freedoms, CDC Stooges, etc.

And we know she made the wrong decision on the vaccine, and she's paying the price. So is her daughter.

I put together an edited compilation of her video updates. You can find the full videos on her Facebook page, that she's thankfully closed to all public comments. This is heartbreaking to watch. When this disease catches hold like this, it is one mean son-of-a-bitch. It's a roller coaster of worse, then better, then worse, then better, then worse again all the while playing ping-pong with your emotions back and forth between hope and sadness. I'll let Ashley tell you how just how awful COVID is for a loved one.

The first clip starts on Sept 12 and the last clip is October 21.

Ashley loves her mom.

As of today, 10/25/21 it's not looking good:


Note from Vaxman: Do me a favor? Don't post the mean stuff on this one. At least not without watching that video. We get it. Nancy should've gotten Vaccinated. She was an idiot. She should've known better.

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UPDATE (10/26/21):

Nancy passed away 12 hours after our post:

RIP Nancy.

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