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Olavo de Carvalho, 74, Richmond, VA, Brazilian Philosopher, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to this story, Olavo died from COVID on January 24, 2022. I never heard of this guy, but within two minutes of hearing about Olavo I read that he's a "mentor" of Brazil's right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, and then that his own family doesn't seem all that sad that he's dead. "The family…asks for prayers for the professor’s soul” was an official statement from his relatives. It sounds like they are concerned that soul might be in a bit of trouble. Also, his estranged daughter, Heloísa, says, "He has blood on his hands," blaming her father’s “denialist ideas” and dissemination of fake news for the Brazilian government’s delay in purchasing Covid vaccines (625,000 Brazilians have died from COVID). She then says, “But I do not celebrate his death.” Yet, on Twitter she wrote, "May God forgive him for all the evils he committed." On the other hand, the Brazilian ambassador to the U.S., Nestor Forster Jr, wrote on Twitter: "The death of philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, who lived his last years in the U.S., a country he much admired, is an immeasurable loss for Brazil and all who knew him. Through his vast work he leaves an everlasting legacy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Olavo’s family. RIP." Looking at Olavo's feed, half of his posts were either self-aggrandizing posts about how intelligent he is, or he was selling his courses and books, while the other half mention the horrors of "Communism". He hates Communism, which is understandable, but he defines everything that isn't Fascism to be Communism. To him, there was no spectrum of ideology, only communists and right-wing ideologues, and he thought that communists are genocidal murderers. All right, let's explore some of his thoughts on these things as well as on COVID.

As is the nature of SAV, rather than just read about anti-vaxxers in the press, let's go get his own thoughts from his social media accounts. (Want to thank a SAVer who compiled many of these quotes for me, you know who you are!) We'll find that Olavo was indeed anti-vaxx, but we also get a sense of who this guy was and why he was so polarizing.

NOTE: Below when it says, Mocoranga, I think it's supposed to be moronavirus, but Google Translate had problems with it.

Even though it's not chronologically correct, I'd like to start with the following post.

Here is the pinned tweet on his feed:

Even though it's not chronologically correct, it's the right place to post this:

He's got some conspiracy theory in him:

"Alleged deadly virus" to "accept slavery".

He doesn't like the word pandemic. Not sure what he'd substitute it with.

So, he thinks lockdown caused the spread of the virus? does that work?

He was really into the idea that numbers were being fudged. We'll see this again.

Apparently another believer of the Hydroxychloroquine lie.

He's wrong. This question does offend. It offends intelligence.

False death counts. He loves this concept:

False death counts again...

False death counts again...

He appreciates QANON:

He believes in the depopulation conspiracy theory:

Progressive = Communism.

He's anti-intellectual. This is the same type of rhetoric that caused genocide in Cambodia by followers of Pol Pot.

See, he's still into the fudged death counts idea:

Poor Olavo.

It's all Bill Gates' fault:

That's's all meant to destroy families. Idiot.

Ahhhh...there's his anti-Fauci stance (his last anit-vaxx post) :

RIP Olavo. Hope your soul is doing ok.

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Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards
Feb 16, 2022

Olavo de Carvalho never died, he just disappeared over the horizon in pursuit of a tortoise.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Olavo de Carvalho: a noted philosopher, metaphysician, and podiatrist.”


There was a mean chap named Carvalho,

Who influenced the president with bravado,

Thought Covid a hoax,

And with glee did he boast,

But now rests in his El Dorado.


What an odious, lying, vile little shitbird.

I utterly approve of his death, shame it didn’t happen sooner.


Olavo - dance the mocoronga aka the Macarena

I am not trying to seduce you

When I dance, they call me Mocoronga And the boys, they say que soy buena They all want me They can't have me So they all come and dance beside me Move with me Chant with me And if you're good, I'll take you home with me…. And kill you

mocoronga mocoronga mocoronga


Replying to

Well, WHAT do you know…there’s another anti-vaxxer

With some long greasy hair, saturated with relaxer

HE found a way to get to Hades even faster

Sorrrrry, anti-vaxxer!!!

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