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Paula Lewis-Bair, 69, Pekin, IL, retired, god fearing anti-vaxxer, induced COMA w/ COVID.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Oct. 31 Update: Click here to jump to the update

According to social media posts, Paula is in an induced COMA with COVID. Paula is an "old school" anti-vaxxer who was spreading the disinformation during the peak anti-vaxx movement in the fall of 2021. Well, COVID finally caught up with her. Not going to comment much, but it does seem as if we're in for another big push from COVID this winter. However, it also seems as if a lot of the anti-vaxx Facebook memes have died down...for now.

To be anti-Fauci is to be anti-vaxx:

Oldie but goodie...

Why do they always misspell "variant"?

Can't argue with that logic...

Good to know she feels this way:

Another old friend of a meme:

Some of these are fun to revisit:

Never saw this one before!

The underlines help, but who is that guy? :

uh oh...Prayer warrior time!

Yep it's COVID:

As of today, Paula still is in an induced coma. Let‘s wish her the best.

Get better, Paula!

October 31, 2022: Paula died

RIP Paula

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