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Richard (67)+ Lori Crocker (60), Lake Wales, FL, Anti-Vaxxers, FRESH STORY

This is Richard Crocker and his wife, Lori Crocker. As per usual, one FA, and you'll have to read to see who finds out. Jump to comments.

Mr. Crocker is the one who FA.

As per the usual, politics was a big influence in Richard’s Facebook life.

Which most likely influenced his vaccination stance.

Aaaaaah! That classic antivax meme.

An anti-vaxxer’s portfolio is not complete without a Dr. Fauci post.

Irony is also a must when being an anti-vaxxer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you firm confirmation. 😊

Richard's irony game is on point. 👍🏾

One more time, for old time's sake. Catch the mistake?

Trump Humper ✅

You can’t be a well-respected anti-vaxxer if you tell truths. That’s a no no.

Snippets of 🦊 news go a long way in improving your antivax status. Rumble and Newsmax will also do.

A post mentioning Jesus or God also helps in improving your status.

You have to be adept at fear-mongering.


Uh oh.

A sort of FreeDumb post goes a long way.

We are going to leave Richard for now and visit Lori. Uh oh.

Don't worry, Lori is confident. She'll be better in a few days.

Does anyone takes the virus seriously anymore? 🤷‍♂️

Lori is still feeling confident.

And knows more than the doctors.

4 days later....

Da Fuq!!! Richard went camping?? And left his sick wife at home???

That isn't good.

Phew! They have found Richard.

Richard continues shitposting….

While his wife is in hospital.

I don’t know what to say about this. 😂😂

He throws in some religious mumbo jumbo.


Some more irony and shitposting.

And back to updates.

Sadly, Lori didn't make it and earned her HCA. I can't find her obituary.

And life......



The end.

You can find more anti-vax stories on Facebook page at Herman Cain Awardz.

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Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.


Frank Buxton
Frank Buxton
Jul 09, 2023

Did he post that leather post after she died? That's so fucked!


Dr. Demolition
Dr. Demolition
Jun 18, 2023

Just when you think a new level of moron is never achievable.


Dumbass Patrol
Dumbass Patrol
Jun 05, 2023

Yikes. He cared so little about his wife's death that he posted a meme instead of writing anything from the heart. He seems to be pretty okay with having her gone. They keep missing the part about "NOVEL coronavirus" We have no immunity to it.


Mary M
Mary M
May 20, 2023

I was reading about how an mRNA protein is a component of the monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid. SMH thinking how they won't take the vaccine because of mRNA but they crawl into the ER demanding the monoclonal antibodies. 😂

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