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Rick Strawcutter, Adrian, MI. Kookbabbling Preacher.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Rick Strawcutter is currently a preacher at the Church on Bent Oak in Adrian, Michigan but has been the head of many churches throughout the years. He's also the face and the proprietor of Secrets of Eden, a company that provides “natural products with a Biblical flare."

As a leader of the church, the parishioners look to him for guidance in life, faith, and health. As with our last few entries, I don't have evidence that he has had Covid, but he is a leader who wields his influence through his church and social media (he has over 16.4k YouTube subscribers) to dissuade people from taking the Covid-19 vaccine. I feel he has earned his spot on SAV. (Click here to jump to the comments)

What does he tell his flock about Covid? Let's see:

In this sermon on his YouTube channel he discusses "2 Timothy 3 & 4, How the left manipulates us and lies." He wears a fake mask that says, "Wearing a Mask Increases CO2 & Decreases Oxygen in your bloodstream. A Deadly Combination!"

He shared this Stew Peters video that says the "vaxx destroys human reproduction."

There's this video he shared from Dr. Aseem Malhotra. The title of the video is very distressing. Dr. Malhotra is a cardiologist who previously promoted the Covid-19 vaccine. One might be quite alarmed by his change of opinion on the Covid vaccine and his call for immediate suspension of further vaccines.

HOWEVER…that's not the full story. did an excellent job fact checking Dr. Malhotra's claims and gives links and citations to back up their debunking of Dr. Malhotra's fear-mongering video.

Here's Stew Peters again. This time he claims that there's a wireless nanosensor in the bioweapon shots.

He shared multiple posts claiming that the Covid vaccine contains or causes AIDS or HIV.

Stew Peters also has this episode titled "Fauci Patent: Vaxx-Induced AIDS."

What's the lesson here? Don't swim while vaccinated?

He are just a few of many more posts about Covid from his Facebook page:

In November of 2021 he made the claim that "Within the next three years a significant and world altering culling of up to 2 billion people will take place. Given that possibility, all we non-vaxxers have to do is wait it out."

Ohhhh, there's definitely a culling happening, Rick!

This is not a funny joke considering that as of October 10th, 2022 there have been 618 MILLION confirmed cases of Covid-19 and over 6.5 million Covid-related deaths (link to real time data from WHO here).

Here are more of his writings and thoughts that he posted on Facebook:

"There is no safe vaccine."

He praises Dr. Peter McCullough, a vaccine skeptic who is being sued by Baylor Scott & White Heath and Health Texas Provider Network for falsely affiliating himself with his former employers while spreading Covid-19 misinformation. (Source here)

He distrusts Big Pharma, pharmaceutical voodoo, and more, but don't worry because he has what you need at where he is the resident naturopath!

Need to regrow your hair? He has got a product for that!

Need a cold sore healed instantly? He has you covered!

Have the flu or a cold? Get rid of it in 20 minutes with his oils and a vibrator! "Vibrators are absolutely essential to the stopping of the flu virus!"

Twist your ankle? The pain will disappear instantly with his bottle of Instant Pain Relief!

Are those hemorrhoids bugging your ass? They can be gone overnight with H.G. Forever!

Do you need to anoint your courthouse to remove Satanic influence or protect your property from robbers? Having bad luck with the slot machines and want to win consistently? Try Aaron's Oil! It's also great for the prostate.

BUT WAIT, there's more! Need help fundraising for your local club or activity? See how you can earn money with the 20/20 program from The Secrets of Eden!

Rick Strawcutter wasn't always a preacher and a naturopath practitioner. Nathanial Barry describes Rick Strawcutter in the article Jesus is Lord Over Lenawee County: "Make no mistake about the kind of man Rick Strawcutter is. Over his forty years in the ministry, he has advocated for the death penalty for gay people and interracial couples, he has spoken at White Supremacist gatherings, sold video tapes featuring Holocaust Deniers and members of the Christian Identity movement."

Speaking of selling tapes: According to the Associated Press, when the Heaven's Gate cult members committed mass suicide, Strawcutter reportedly received their taped goodbye messages. He attempted to sell the tapes to NBC for $45,000. He reneged on the deal saying that ABC offered him $50,000 and was sued by NBC. (Source: Associated Press)

Strawcutter ran Radio Free Lenawee, a pirate, unlicensed radio station. On his program he discussed many conspiracy theories, spewed anti-government rhetoric, and syndicated Infowars (founded by Alex Jones and his former wife, Kelly Jones). He also hosted American Freedom Network shows including one by host, Bo Gritz, who was the inspiration for Rambo. Gritz was a member of Christian Identity which is a "racist theology that rose to a position of commanding influence on the racist right." (Sources: Southern Poverty Law Center 1 2)

Strawcutter eventually got into trouble with the FCC for operating an unlicensed radio station. He compared his struggles to those of Rosa Parks. "The fact that the FCC won't approve it won't stop me. This is the Rosa Parks of radio." He also compared his fight with the FCC to David Koresh's fight against the federal government. (source: The Cult Education Institute)

Ultimately, his unlicensed radio station was shut down by the FCC because he was operating a station at 8,000 to 10,000 times the power allowed for unlicensed stations. (Source:

Given his history with his pirate radio station (I'm not talking about Yacht Rock, y'all!!) and his early association with Alex Jones and Infowars, you probably won't be surprised by some of these next videos:

In this video he says that President Trump "knows, beyond reasonable doubt and to absolute moral certainty that no one has ever left Earth and gone to the moon. It's a complete hoax. The lunar landing IS A HOAX. We've never been there and the President knows this."

He says, "I'm not 100% flat Earth but what I am most convinced of is #1 there is nothing that proved curvature of the Earth. All the mathematics prove there is no curvature."

Well, if there's no curvature, wouldn't it be flat and make him a flat-Earther?

He goes on to say that there are no scientific experiments to show that the Earth is moving, the Earth is fixed and does not move.

There's chemical warfare happening over the "skys" in Adrian. He wants to know what's in these chemtrails. More on him and chemtrails below.

Doctors cause cancer?

Strawcutter made an effort to branch out into politics. In 2014 he ran for Congress. He didn't run as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He ran under the US Tax Payers Party.

(Source for screenshots from his inactive campaign website: Library of Congress)

What was his platform?

Whoa...he wanted NO background checks for firearms? None?

He was skeptical of 9/11 and thought there was a shadow government staging false flags to move forward a New World Order agenda?

He wanted to stop chemtrails.

Strawcutter came in last but still managed to receive over 3,000 votes. Thankfully, it seems that Strawcutter has abandoned his hopes of running for government.

For Kookbabblers like Strawcutter, Covid and Covid vaccines are just a small facet of a larger delusion, but this facet has a potentially lethal impact on the rest of us. That‘s why SAV will continue to shine a light on antivaxxer “politicians”.

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I haven't been on this site in a long time and I'm sort of stunned to see these people are still out there. I just have to wonder how many people like Rick are actually paranoid schizophrenic.


Rick is fed up with the insanity! So are we Rick! Fed up with the insanity of AVers, conspiracy theorists, Trumpers, insurrectionists, alt-right militias, and the rest of the ilk that is threatening democracy and free elections.


You can tell that Pastor Rick never learned critical thinking and believes in every nutjob conspiracy theory that comes along. What a LOSER!


Rick is a dick! What else can you say about a kookbabbling snake oil salesman posing as a preacher.



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