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Robert Ele, 58, Longview, WA, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: May 10, 2022

According to this incredibly short obituary, Robert died on November 4, 2021. Robert was certainly anti-vaxx, but as you'll see he did something I haven't seen any other AV I've posted on this site do; he posted a pro-vaxx argument, saying "there's two sides to every story". Robert appeared to consider that argument, but, unfortunately for him, he didn't heed it.

Let's see what Robert was posting on Facebook...

He feels for people who are sick with COVID:

Let's variant that is much more contagious....anti-vaxxers are such linear thinkers...

His wife worked for Peace Health, and is about to lose her job, it seems...

Friend recovering from COVID:

I'm definitely missing something...his logic:

And now for something completely different: the other side:



Someone else he knows has Covid and is needing prayers... (This is the third friend he's mentioned.)

Prayer (not medicine) seems to have worked for his friend:

Oops, he himself needs prayers now. (Hopefullly they weren't all used up on Michelle McGraw.)

He's sick but still arguing against mandates:

Crap, now his wife needs prayers:

He really needs more prayers:

He's tough!!!

He wasn't THAT tough...

RIP Robert.

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