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Robert Martinez, 62, Tulsa, OK, Dietary Specialist, Anti-vaxxer. Death via COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to this obituary, Robert Martinez died September 5, 2021. He leaves behind his wife and four children. Robert was an anti-vaxxer aficionado as you'll gather from his posts.

As you see, "Science" really ticked him off.

Even though he was proflific meme spreader, we'll start with his posts in July...

He hates the word SCIENCE

Doesn't like Arnold telling him what's up:

Doesn't like Scientists much more than Science:

This is interesting. He admits he has COVID...

But then posts this...

And this on Sept 4 (remember he died on Sept 5):

And his last post ever was also on Sept 4:

How did he have the energy to post like this before he died? Here's why:

RIP Robert. Science could've helped.

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Bu-bye Antivaxxers
Bu-bye Antivaxxers
Oct 07, 2021

Hey Robert,

Thanks for Making America Great Again by removing yourself from it.


The half of the country with IQ's over 50


Talks shit about the "fat, ugly house keeper", yet Mildred Patricia Baena is still walking around alive and well. More than likely doesn't even know that this clown ran his mouth before he died like a fool and went straight to Hell.


Sep 23, 2021

I admire his dedication to continue spreading misinformation right up until his penultimate day.


Sep 19, 2021

Hmmmm...He a little too brown to be spewing GOP ignorance. Oh well, adios, amigo.


Unknown member
Sep 17, 2021

An obese anti-vax "dietary specialist"... yeah, that'll work. Buh-bye!

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