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Rodney & Diana Fuller, Owensboro, KY. Both got Covid. Wife died. Rodney, anti-vaxxer, cries murder!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

7/15/22 Update: We received an interesting email from someone who personally knows Rodney Fuller. This is one heck of an update because it involves Rodney, his family...and MURDER. No really. Not a joke. I wish it were because it's really tragic.

7/11/22 Update: Rodney is still posting away with vaccine misinformation. And look closely, do you recognize anyone? (Click here for updates)

According to a story on, Diana Fuller was "murdered" by “FDA Death Protocols”. Her obituary only says that Diana died on January 19, 2022.

Diana had been coughing for a week before finally seeking help at the ER on January 15th, 2022. While she was being treated for her cough and low oxygen she tested positive for Covid. She was admitted to the hospital's Covid ward. Rodney says, in an interview, that she was treated well by staff. Diana was jovial, but wasn't eating much because she didn't like hospital food.

Though Rodney was unable to visit his wife in the hospital, he talked to her doctors and requested that she be treated with Ivermectin and HCQ. The doctors declined and explained that they follow CDC protocols and that Ivermectin is not for people but for animals. Rodney dropped off some of Diana's belongings at the hospital and included a note reminding her to refuse Remdesivir. However, much to Rodney's dismay, Diana was treated with Remdesivir. It's interesting to me that he doesn't want her to be treated with an anti-viral drug but wants her treated for parasites.

Over her short stay her health declined and on her fourth day in the hospital she passed away at the age of 70. Her official cause of death was listed as Covid-19.

Rodney also caught Covid around the same time as Diana but says he was treated with Ivermectin and recovered easily.

Neither Rodney nor Diana were vaccinated. Diana's family believes that she was treated differently because of her vaccination status. Could it be that the doctors and nurses are SICK AND TIRED of trying to save people who didn't have to be sick in the first place? Or maybe they're sick and tired of trying to convince people that the medical misinformation they read on Facebook isn't true. It's got to be extremely difficult and frustrating for the doctors and nurses.

You can hear Rodney tell his story here:

Where is/was he getting all of his medical advice?

He really likes Dr. Jane Ruby. We've seen her on SAV before. According to IMDB she is a Doctor with Doctorate degrees in Education and Psychology and two Masters degrees in Nursing. She portrays herself as a medical doctor, which she IS NOT. I think that what she is doing is despicable. Just LOOK at the crap she is putting out there! It's infuriating.

This woman needs to STFU.

Rodney obviously believes that Ivermectin is the answer to cure Covid and he's posted about it on Facebook.

It's true. Ivermectin WAS approved in New Hampshire. Republicans said the legislation will prevent people in New Hampshire from obtaining the wrong kind of formulation of the drug.

"Some people unable to get Ivermectin over the counter here have been resorting to going to farm stores and getting it as it is formulated for livestock and not for people," said Rep. Mark Pearson, R-Hampstead. To me it sounds as if they had to pass this to protect their constituents from their own stupidity.

Did you notice who wrote the article claiming that the military's leaked documents say Ivermectin works? Tyler Durden. That's hilarious. Maybe Rodney has never seen Fight Club.

Less than three weeks before Diana was hospitalized, he had posted this from Bitchute about avoiding hospitals because the protocols are killing people. Diana must have been seriously ill for him to take her to the ER.

Less than a week before Diana went to the ER he posted that Covid test swabs were tainted with deadly bacteria.

Okay, Rodney. Which one is it? Is Covid a hoax, snake venom, bioweapon, or just the flu?

Omicron is just a scratchy throat and a "literal non issue."

Rodney sure doesn't like masks!

Rodney shares that the Covid vaccine isn't just unsafe, it's deadly. He should have learned that getting information from sites like Bitchute and Rumble is what is ACTUALLY deadly.

Clearly, Rodney has made up his mind regarding Covid, the vaccine, and masks. I didn't find anything indicating Diana shared the same views but it's clear that they were both unvaccinated. I'd be really surprised if Rodney's strong opinions and propensity to believe anything he sees on the internet didn't influence his wife, too.

Rodney has some interesting thoughts on other topics besides Covid. Let's learn more about Rodney:

He posts a lot of things from GhostEzra. GhostEzra is a QAnon "influencer" who has been identified as 39 year old Randall Smart, a hate-filled Baptist from Floi-duh. He's a disgusting and despicable person who spews hate to his 330,000 followers. You can read about him here.

Well, this one is new. At least Rodney truly surprised me with this one. My goodness, he'll believe ANYTHING, won't he?

I thought the Paul Walker thing was crazy but THIS? Evolution is a hoax funded by Jews? What the heck?

Here's a smattering of his posts regarding Ukraine. The one about Kamala and the blowjobs is particularly disgusting.

Oh yes, figures he would believe in chemtrails.

More Q-Anon:

Even more conspiracy theories:

OMG. Is he a flat-Earther, too? Oh

Are you surprised that he loves Trump and thinks he is still the President? Of course he hates Democrats, especially Biden. Does he really believe that the US Government is gone?

It's hard to make it onto SAV without sharing something about Bill Gates and/or Dr. Fauci. Rodney doesn't let us down!

I think Rodney would be a lot better off if Facebook did a better job at stopping the spread of misinformation. Maybe it would have saved Diana's life.

Rodney, please stop believing everything you read on the internet. Please get vaccinated and don't suffer the same fate as Diana and a million other Americans.

RIP Diana.

7/11/22 Update: Rodney is STILL posting anti-vax and Covid hoax stuff. I guess he didn't learn anything. And look! He shared Rod from SAV's story, too!

Speaking of Rod, still no updates from Vira since June 29th. I keep checking.

7/15/22: It turns out that Rodney and Diana's son, Joshua Fuller, was arrested for murder, domestic violence, and tampering of physical evidence after his estranged wife, Hannah Fuller was found with a fatal gunshot wound. (News article here) How REVOLTING and DISGUSTING it is that Rodney posts this kind of stuff after his daughter in law was a victim of gun and domestic violence?!? He has the nerve to go online and do interviews claiming his wife was murdered by "FDA Protocols" but has been silent on his son being charged with LEGITIMATE murder?!? Even since the last update on 7/11, his shit-posting hasn't slowed down. Someone needs to take away his internet access.

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Frothy Santorum
Frothy Santorum
Sep 04, 2022

This guy looks like Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys


Creepy McStinky
Creepy McStinky
Aug 10, 2022

These people really are the scum of the earth. I am truly sad that covid isn’t purging them from the population at the same rate anymore.


RB Roary
RB Roary
Aug 04, 2022

Total nut he is 🤡


Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner
Jul 31, 2022

Rodney doesn't like it when you remind him of his murdering son

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