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Roosh Valizadeh, 42, Washington, DC, Professional Misogynist, anti-vaxxer, sick with COVID

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to his own post on Gab, RooshV is sick with symptoms that appear to be COVID. I hesitated to post this because this man is such a troll that even this move could well be just to get more attention, especially since he's supposedly taking Ivermectin for it. However, I'm hoping that perhaps the sorryantivaxxer sleuth army out there could find out more information and let me know. I'll try my best to describe this character to those of you who haven't heard of him. This guy is most certainly the least sympathetic person on .

First, a little background. RooshV is infamous for being the author of the "Bang" series of Pick Up Artist books and blogs. He wrote of his own experiences, many of which were with women he had sex with without their consent. He was considered "Pro-Rape" and even suggested (some say satirically) that rape should be legal on private property. You can find out everything you need to know by googling "RooshV." You can also read some excerpts from his books here: It's quite disgusting. Since 2019, however, he's become a born-again Armenian Orthodox Christian and has banned all talk of fornication on his site. Still, he remains an extreme misogynist in the form of a right-wing orthodox Christian.

He is an anti-vaxxer and most of his videos, since getting banned from YouTube, contain long anti-vaxx diatribes. His livestream videos last between 3 and 6 hours each. You can find his videos at where all of the videos from #57 to his latest, #69, contain long anti-vaxx rants.

He currently has 131,500 followers on Gab...the right-wing fringe "free speech" social media platform.

Here are some posts to give you a hint of his thought process (but his videos go much further):

Here is the post where he says he's sick and taking Ivermectin:

He once declared himself the most hated man in the world, so it very well could be that I'm playing into his hands right now by giving him this attention, but this is THE ONE TIME on that I hope someone is actually quite ill with COVID. If someone needs to learn a lesson the hard way, it's this guy.

Hopefully, someone out there can help us find out what's going on with RooshV.

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