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Ryan Ograyensek, 41, Taylor, MI, Insurance Broker, unvaxxed, dead from COVID

According to this obituary Ryan died on January 3, 2022 from COVID. Ryan never posted anything anti-vaxx. Basically, all of his posts were about his Farmer's Insurance Agency and the new office that he opened in March of 2021. So why is Ryan appearing on SAV? Well, it's because of his wife, Stacy. I'm not sure what's going on lately, but we've had a rash of crazy anti-vaxxer wives whining about their husbands' treatment in the hospital. We've had Dawn Marie Bronson, Shari Snyder, Dawn Michael, and Melinda Gollaher, four of the craziest anti-vaxx wives you'll ever find, who all were posted in just the last week. Maybe I should start a separate site that just focuses on these types: Antivaxx Wives of MAGA Country. Well, here is another one, and maybe the worst of all: Stacy Ograyensek. She's very dramatic and sounds like she's the protagonist narrating a Film Noir in the 1940s. With Stacy, I've taken about five times the number of screenshots of a normal SAVer, and it's not just the number of posts, it's also these extremely long melodramatic, narrations that really add up. To be honest, I'm not sure how to present it all in one post: this is the War and Peace of SAV posts. By the way, there is simply no way that her account of the hospital is true. She seems completely disconnected from reality. It's really too bad that HIPAA keeps the doctors and hospital staff from responding to these kinds of claims and statements. I apologize in advance; this is the longest post on SAV so far. Here is a quick link to the comment section.

Ok, here we go. The SAVer who posted more anti-vaxx stuff than I've seen so far.

Found by a FB friend. Did she factcheck this? Obviously not.

Apparently, she's ready to believe anything that matches her preconceived notions:

"Killing people for profit with fake vaccines" - imagine believing that.

The "not FDA approved" lie that Ron Johnson pushed:

She even seems to be misreading something that IS true:

Like all anti-vaxxers she doesn't understand numbers, ratios, or proportions:

Death wish?

"building the next Nazi army to round up the non-compliant" - I told you that she's dramatic.

Now we're laughing because you don't know the difference between Austria and Australia.

Okay, so now Ryan is sick and Doctor Stacy is on the job giving him Quercetin and has ordered some "taboo drugs" for him. By the way, at this point she has COVID too.

No vaccines today cause this. A measles vaccine a long time ago did. I guarantee she didn't read this paper:

She spent $500 on Ivermectin. Perhaps she can get a refund now?

Doctor Stacy being vigilant with her "medicine" for Ryan:

She thinks it's all helping. Also, she's "praying for discernment to identify the lies."

Apparently NONE of these things worked.

She's going there! This is Mark Of The Beast stuff. FYI, Luciferase isn't in any vaccine.

Here a voice-to-text (I like them for some reason):

Where do they get all of this? Good God, just die, or let Ryan die then.

Another rant, another voice-to-text:


Well, at least her mom is getting better using the horse paste:

This call is surely with the folks at American Frontline Nurses that we've covered on SAV in the past. They are true dipshits.

Honestly, it really is time to start denying these people access to hospitals:

Nurse tells her the truth:

This is a complete fabrication. No hospital in the U.S. has given 1000 patients Ivermectin. Even if they did, this would make no sense. By time someone is on a ventilator they don't have COVID, so the so called anti-viral aspect of Ivermectin is off the table.

No, but it will give you or someone you love fatal COVID:

Minus one:

Finally an update on Ryan. When did he get on the Vent? She didn't tell us because she was too busy ranting about vaccines and Ivermectin.

She's getting ready to bitch about his treatment already:

Rental co? You trust a rental company over a hospital?

Husband dying and still bitching about "the jab":

She'll believe anything as long as it confirms her bias:

Another update. Not sounding great:

So, wait, is she pissed they are filtering his blood clots or something?

Is this part of the protocol killing machine?

Whew, out of the ICU:

Doctor Stacy is flabbergasted they aren't worried about this:

Here is Stacy, in her actual voice, with her thoughts on the day:

Dr. Stacy is not happy at all with the treatment in the hospital now. They should've sent him home where she can take care of him.

Now her doctors are "murdering sacks of shit":

She doubles down on her confusion between Austria and Australia:

This is why nurses should be fired for not getting vaccinated. They help misinform the patients and their families:

In the 1-10 scoring of dumb memes, this is a 10.

Wait, I thought they just wanted to kill him?

Looks like Dr. Stacy is about to take over for the doctors on his case:

She wants some REAL doctors, not just these fake Michigan doctors:

They look sad because of your complete ignorance. Sadness appears similar to worry.

Take Ryan to the church instead of the hospital then?

Dr Stacy "owning" the doctor at the hospital (LOL). Can you imagine what they think of her?

Go to Houston!!

There it is... the GoFundMe. For god's sake, he was an insurance broker.

Not good...

She simply will not shut up about Ivermectin:

Dr. Stacy MD on the case:

With Stacy, it's all about blaming others and focusing on her own issues (Satan made her drop her watermelon and sprayed Orange Faygo all over her. Satan is apparently into the Insane Clown Posse'):

There are no posts between Jan 2 and Jan 11. Radio silence. She doesn't even announce Ryan's death to the "audience" she's been talking to this whole time. Instead she wants to go to battle:

Dead husband and still bitching about vaccines:

And she's calling the people at Beaumont Hospital murderers:

And now the longest post in SAV history. I'm only going to only share the part pertaining to her complaints about the hospital treatment. Both text-to-voice and screenshot. The first part was all about her relationship with Ryan. I'll post the stuff on some server somewhere later for evidence of her position:



And you can read her GoFundMe here; it's very long and dramatic as well...

RIP Ryan.

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