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Ryan Ograyensek, 41, Taylor, MI, Insurance Broker, unvaxxed, dead from COVID - THE DIRECTOR'S CUT

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

UPDATE (2/11/22): This woman isn't going away. Here is an update: See below:

Original post (1/20/22):

Since the last post on Ryan and his wife Stacy was so long, here is an alternate version of the same story. In this version, instead of scrolling endlessly through Stacy's inane posts and writing, you can now become enraged by watching her 38 minute Facebook Live Video instead. It's from Stacy's "business" Facebook account, and it is aptly named, "A Moment Forever", which is exactly how it feels watching this video!

If you can make it though the entire video, please post that you did, and I'll give you a special badge as an award for your achievement.

RIP Ryan.

----- UPDATES-----

UPDATE (2/11/22): Well, Stacy is still at it. She did an "interview" with Garrett Soldano, a wingnut candidate for Governor of Michigan. I was sent this a few days ago, and have debated on whether to give her any more attention. I'm not going to post the 38 minute video of her rambling on and on, especially since there is nothing new from her previous video, above. I will post a link to Garrett's Facebook page, though. And, for the first time I'm going to ask you go to ahead and brigade someone's Facebook.

Garrett's Facebook interview video has 843 comments, all sympathetic towards Stacy. I think it's time for the counter arguments, and for her bullshit to be exposed and to be posted.

Here is the link to the video:

Please feel free to add your opinion on this Facebook post!

Also, remember the first SAV post on Stacy before this "Directors Cut"....

UPDATE(2/11/22): Stacy is going way to far now by doxxing the doctors who tried to save her husbands life. These accusations are horrific. (image due to SAV member in comments):

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