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Sam Ely, 31, Lodi, OH, anti-vaxxer, died of COVID within 3 days of being hospitalized.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this gofundme, Sam died 3 days after going to the hospital. Sam leaves his wife, Heather, and four young children. This one is one of those that hit me more than others. Probably because of their age, their young children, and just how fast it all happened. How did all of this anti-vaxx crap happen? It was a perfect storm of a dangerous virus, Donald Trump, and Facebook, all combined into a soup that has destroyed so many lives.

As usual, let's see why Sam wasn't vaxxed:

I doubt Sam knew that every single GOP congress person voted against curtailing the price of insulin...

If you are an anti-vaxxer reading this, I'm sure you've said something like this.

^^^ But YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE your infection to get that shield. Why not get a shield first?

Dammit. Your immune system wasn't up to the task:

Wouldn't you rather be asymptomatic and spreading than dead?

He really wants that natural immunity:

"Meme is not correct"

He's proud to be a "Pure-Blood":

No, we don't see a parallel.

He thinks COVID was planned:

Not sure why he thinks COVID didn't kill this guy. He wouldn't have gotten a sinus infection without COVID. Ugh.

Vaccine Apartheid:

Not sure what he's getting at here:

Becerra was right!

Anyway, this happened two days ago:

And Sam died today:

RIP Sam.

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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 19, 2022

Reporting from the future, there is a guy up there with 11 kids. I think a vaxxed Sam would have ate his lunch.


Dollars to donuts Sam is not with the Lord.


Holden Caulfield
Holden Caulfield
Jan 12, 2022

Great news!


As an anti-vaxxer he deserves our praise for using so little resources before dying.

As an anti-vaxxer he deserves our hatred for leaving his miserable family behind without a source of income and without a father. That will be Sam's legacy.

Ben Factor
Ben Factor
Jan 11, 2022
Replying to

I'm sure his beloved GOP will be there with financial support and care for the kids. Cha-right!!! LOL...I really don't give a damn about his kids either, being spawned from this loser.

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