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Sandra L. Sambueso, 64, Mount Pleasant, TX. Nurse/caregiver with anti-vax posts on Facebook.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The ladies from Texas are tearing it up on SAV this month! Let's meet Sandra L. Sambueso from Mount Pleasant, Texas. She is a nurse and caregiver. Let's see what we have:

On February 7th she is sick and misses dancing with her friends. In the comments she says that Randy gave her cooties and her voice comes and goes.

The next day she's still sick but not too sick to order stuff online. She treated herself to a Mike Lindell bed topper and two pillows. Her friend Carol says, "At least you're supporting a great man with integrity" to which Sandra replies: "exactly."

On February 9th she gIves another update and wants Jesus to take the wheel!

February 11th, she's still sick but at least she has a cute, furry friend. She's been on doxycycline for 10 days and has a fever.

February 15th she says, "God please I'm tired of this crap!!!" and has had more x-rays and bloodwork.

On March 13th she shares this post and says she feels like crap again. In the comments she adds that "it" may have damaged her lungs and she still has “infiltrates” in her lungs from the pneumonia. I didn't know what lung infiltrates were but I found articles from the CDC/IDSA and Mayo Clinic that they can be caused by severe Covid-19 infections.

Then, on March 16th Sandra has an appointment with her pulmonologist and it's confirmed she has the Delta variant of Covid. Sandra tells her friend that she's "gonna live yippee." The doctor said she's doing better than most for what she's been through.

It doesn't sound like the Delta variant of Covid was much fun but Sandra made it through. Did Sandra have her Covid vaccine? You can be the judge.

Sandra answered the poll question, "I'm curious as to the relationship of post covid symptoms (long haul covid) and when vaccinated or unvaccinated."

Sandra answered, "not vaccinated."

She shared this post from the CDC on Covid-19 vaccine facts and says, "We can't say anything about Covid that we know about because we are punished by fact checkers they won't post the TRUTHS about people who have had bad effects."

Then there's this one:

Here she says, "Nobody says you can't wear your mask, wear the damn thing and shut up they say it don't work anyway and neither does the shots."

She shared an interview with Dr. Ruby where she says that embalmers have found arteries clogged with rubbery clots in deceased patients who have been jabbed. (Click on picture for link)

She also shared an interview with Candeath Owens and Dr. Robert Malone who has pushed Covid misinformation. He's said that the vaccine causes harmful spike protein/shedding, damages T cell responses and causes a form of AIDS, and he promoted the use of Ivermectin and HCQ as treatment.

Here are a few more posts Sandra shared about vaccines:

It's all about freedom.

Here are some Fauci posts which seem to be pretty standard among our SAV entrants.

It looks like Sandra may have gotten herself put in Facebook Jail a few times:

Whoa boy.

Yes, some forms of media don't tell the truth...

What are her thoughts on President Biden? Well, I think it's pretty clear.

But what about former President Trump?

I couldn't count or capture how many posts there were about the Freedom Convoy and truckers:

There were SO many Facebook quizzes, so so SO, many!!

There were MANY religious posts, also.