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Scott E. Love, 58, Aurora, CO. Massage Therapist, against vaccination, Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE: Scott Died. See Below

According to his Facebook page, Scott E. Love AKA Todd Richter is in critical condition with COVID. Apparently Todd and his wife, Mary, changed their names to Love around 2015. I could be wrong, but Scott is the first entry who doesn't appear to be a devout Christian or a right-wing fanatic. Quite honestly, when I started this site I expected more of the Holistic Healing/Yoga practicing/Massage Therapists granola hippy types to appear on sorryantivaxxer. I'm from Northern California where there are large swaths of these people who were anti-vaxx before it was cool. However, they either aren't dead or dying, or they aren't shouting out their anti-vaxx stance enough for anyone to notice. Or maybe this COVID thing scared them enough to vaccinated?

This is the easiest post to make since Donald P Tice. All of the following posts were made in succession so I could just take one screenshot:

Here is the video Scott was referring to when he made the post about why he chose not to get vaccinated:

----------We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming----------

Ok, in honor of Scott, I'm going to post this recent video from Scott and Mber's instagram. AND I think it highlights just how tragic it is that Scott CHOSE not to get vaccinated. I think we need MORE people in the world like this not less:

I hope you come out of your coma Scott.

UPDATE (10/14/21): Scott didn't make it.

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