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Shaun and Judy Patterson, Nakusp, BC. Both Anti-vaxxers. Mom dead of Covid. Son claims "murder."

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

I've been thinking a lot about these past couple of posts and how Shaun and Vira and others are screaming that the hospitals are murdering people. So many of the anti-vaxxers we see are similar. They blame everyone but themselves. They will never admit that their choices were wrong or that those choices had VERY SERIOUS consequences. It's much easier to scream, yell, and rant that it was someone else's fault than to accept blame. I can't help but wonder if the most vocal ones are suffering from remorse and this is a way to distract themselves from overwhelming guilt. If they can get enough of their social media "friends" and followers to cheer them on and support them and their nonsense then they can believe the lies they concocted and clear their conscience. I'm in NO WAY making excuses. I'm just trying to think through all this madness that I've been sifting through recently. Okay, enough of that, let's hear about Shaun and Judy and how they came to be on Otherwise, jump to the comments:

According to Shaun's story on GoFundMe, his Mother died on January 1, 2022 after battling Covid. Shaun says that she had recovered, was vaccinated against her will, and ultimately "medically euthanized" by the hospital.

Judy was hospitalized on Nov 12, 2021 with Covid pneumonia.

On Nov 16th, Shaun is not allowed to see his mother in the hospital because he is not vaccinated. Sorry, but that's the consequence!

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG. According to the hospital, Judy's kidneys failed because Shaun treated her with Ivermectin! Maybe this genius should have done a simple Google search to find a reliable, scientific source that published the LONG LIST of the toxic effects from using Ivermectin! If you're curious, you can read what the New England Journal of Science and Medicine and Medical News Today say. Furthermore, potassium chloride is commonly given to patients with low potassium. It is no mystery, seriously.

In the next update, 2 days later, her liver is shutting down. Any guess why? Turns out liver failure is one of the many toxic effects of: (drumroll please) IVERMECTIN! Now they're accusing the hospital of attempted medical murder.

Update 3, the prayers (not doctors, nurses, and science) are working to help Judy recover.

On January 1, 2022, his Mother passes away at the age of 69.

The autopsy said she had died from Covid 19 pneumonia, myocarditis, and heart failure. On GiveSendGo his family says the hospital told them she had a blood clot in her lung. Guess what the Mayo clinic says about the Covid:

Shaun also had a private autopsy done. The findings were the same but he still refuses to believe it.

Shaun keeps boldly proclaiming that his Mother was murdered.

This is the only thing I could find to show that Judy was not vaccinated. Notice that he says, "Don't worry if you die I'll kill them all." A very scary threat!

We already know that Shaun wasn't vaccinated because he wasn't allowed in the hospital. How else do we know?

He isn't a fan of masks, either.

After his Mother is in the hospital he goes to see the Doctors on Tour.

Dr. Charles Hoffe is under investigation and is facing a disciplinary panel over 'misleading, incorrect, or inflammatory' claims about Covid. He also told patients to buy Ivermectin.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse has been suspended from practicing medicine.

Dr. Daniel Nagase has also been suspended from practicing medicine.

Look how happy Shaun is to pose with the disgraced Dr. Hoffe!

He's also been in touch with another "esteemed medical professional," Dr. Roger Hodkinson. He's a pathologist who claims Covid is a hoax.

Shaun made it his mission to become a Freedom Fighter and join the convoy to Ottawa. If you want to see about a hundred of his videos and pictures documenting his trip and the convoy, check out his Facebook page. I didn't have the time or patience to go through all of them but you're certainly welcome to check them out.

First, I couldn't find any evidence that John D. Rockefeller said any of that.

Second, A. Ralph Epperson was a conspiracy theorist who said the world was going to end on Jan 1st, 2000. There's much better reading material out there, Shaun!

Since it's hard to get on SAV without Trump or Fauci, here you go:

He has two pages asking for donations for financial help for himself as well as burial costs for his mother. I'm sure it was expensive to spend all that time "fighting" at the Ottawa Freedom Convoy.

He's started his own Facebook Support Group which strives ”to join together families and victims of the clot shot , the hospitals , the government and anyone else playing this game of covid. It's time people were held accountable !!!"

He's sharing helpful information, that he has a source for Ivermectin! Not a good idea, Shaun.

It seems that everything is not well between Shaun and some of is family. I guess he DOES have some reasonable and intelligent family members. After this post, I doubt there's much of a chance for reconciliation. Such anger and hostility.

Shaun, it wasn't the hospital that murdered your Mom. Please learn that Ivermectin is the poison, not the vaccine. Educate yourself with qualified doctors, not quacks who aren't allowed to practice medicine. Don't end up like your mother, dying painfully and unnecessarily. Listen to your "libtard" family. They might know a thing or two. Get vaccinated and stay away from Ivermectin!

RIP Judy.

P.S. Thank you for this submission from one of our SAV readers. If you find anyone you think should be featured here on SAV, please send us your submission! We need to be able to verify they have/had Covid, have an anti-vax stance, and are spreading misinformation. Point us in the right direction and we'll do the digging.

I'm getting low on content because it's difficult to research, write, and moderate while also digging for new candidates.

Thanks in advance,


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By all means, claim that hospitals are killing Covid patients and don't come to the hospital. Seriously!! Deal with your dying mother at home and save all those nurses, doctors, patient reps, orderlies, etc from being exposed. They have such a shortage of staff anyway as a direct result of all the stupid people who wouldn't get vaccinated. In fact, many hospitals have had to close or will close in future because while they were dealing with all of these idiots with Covid, they were unable to schedule any surgeries, which is in fact, what keeps these hospitals from going broke. Amazingly, Medicaid doesn't pay enough money to keep a hospital open. You can complain all you want about hospitals…


For all we know, the Ivermectin-induced organ failure severely weakened this woman, so that Covid dropped the hammer later.

See Shaun? YOU may have actually killed mom. Your sane relatives are right.



She literally died of Covid-related symptoms, as determined by the hospital and validated by his own independent autopsy, but it's the hospital's fault? His family blames him and he still says they don't have the information? HE HAS THE INFORMATION and yet he refuses to believe it because it goes against his internal compass.


Admitting you are wrong about covid <<<<<<< literally anything



Addressing Mr. Van Horn’s comment just posted.

I know a lot of boosted up boomersl friends. We just haven’t been given the chemicals from chemtrails, programmed by the NRA, influenced by a bankrupted multiple business orange clown or brainwashed by a cult. Ok, there are a lot of dumb boomers!

Dang Judy, sorry your sorry ars son wished you a Happy New Year in a truly unique way. You kind of asked for it.

Darwin is killing it, albeit slowwwwly.

Dar”wins” - 275

Covid Ars Clowns -17

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