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Shelly Webster, 57, Pittsville, MD. Anti-Vax & Anti-Mask. Husband dead of Covid. She's still sick.

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Shelly is private with personal details on her Facebook account, which is smart. What isn't smart is being against masks and vaccines. She and her husband Walter got sick with Covid in December; she recovered and Walter passed away at the age of 68: a sad ending for a 35 year marriage. Now Shelly is a widow and suffering from Long Covid.

Shelly came to our attention from an SAV reader after she posted in a Covid-19 survivors‘ support group on Facebook. She lists some pretty awful, long-lasting effects of Covid and is suffering many months after her initial infection. She lists brain fog as a symptom, but after seeing her posts I think that may have been an issue long before Covid!

Much like my last SAV entry, Rodney, Shelly constantly shares on Facebook, but rarely, if ever, writes something original. She DOES post some helpful things.

She likes to help her local community find lost pets. Nothing wrong with that!

She also likes to share music. I like Queensrÿche, too!

Faithful SAV readers, you know that if someone is on SAV then they've been sharing misinformation about Covid-19. She has really toned down the posts about Covid and the government lately but all of her old posts with misinformation are still there. Too bad Shelly didn't stick to posting about animals and songs.

Was Shelly against the Covid-19 vaccine? You bet!

She shares this interview that's full of misinformation:

Dana is joined by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform, on the difference between traditional vaccines and the ‘vaccines’ the world governments are trying to shove in our arms. It’s amazing that actual scientific data on the negative effects of these COVID vaccines, is being suppressed online and by government agencies like the WHO, CDC, the NIH and others - while simultaneously suppressing the effective treatments that have proven to work against COVID. Globally there are a growing number of adverse effects from this vaccine - and what also grows is the censorship and oppression of that information - while they continue to sell us on ENDLESS BOOSTERS.

She won't wear a mask, either.

She shares this video of an interview between Dr. Makary, who frequents Fox News, and Congressman Jim Jordan. They say that the CDC doesn't want to study natural immunity because "they don't want to know the answer." How did that natural immunity work for you and your husband, Shelly?

It seems that she didn't care about spreading Covid. We already know she wouldn't get the vaccine or wear a mask. I wonder how many people she gave Covid to since quarantine is "house arrest" and social distancing is "forced isolation."

Is she seriously comparing Covid-19 to the Holocaust?

When it comes to masks and vaccines it's all about her freedom over her body.

I think she's trying to say that Covid-19 isn't real but it's a tool used to control the masses. It also appears that Shelly doesn't believe in climate change. At least she's not sharing as many conspiracy theories as some of the other recent people featured on SAV. That's almost refreshing!

I think she got this backwards.

Of COURSE she posts about Dr. Fauci! Shelly doesn't disappoint!

She shares the story of the "brave" United Airline employees who wanted the freedom to share their Covid with entire planes of passengers and crew.

That about sums it up for Shelly's thoughts on Covid-19. For fun, let's see some more of her posts.

The only picture of Shelly I could find was with a cut out of Donald Trump, so I doubt you'll be surprised to discover that she REALLY hates President Biden and Vice President Harris. She even tries to slut shame VP Harris. Pretty vile stuff.

She shares a lot of posts about grief but I couldn't find a single post about her husband, not even a picture.

Are we the ignorant ones or is Shelly? I'm not going to answer that. I think you know.

Oh Shelly, please stick to posting about music and pets. Maybe if you stayed away from misinformation on Facebook your husband would still be alive and you wouldn't be suffering from long Covid.

RIP to your husband, Walter J. Webster III. Please get your Covid vaccine and best of luck on your long road towards recovery.

SAV Readers, please resist the temptation to comment in the Survivors Group page. If you want to dry up any resources for SAV candidates, that's a good way to do it because many groups are going private. Plus, the group does have people who are vaccinated. Finally, it will send the trolls this way. With some of the recent posts, they're making their way in. So please, leave that FB group alone.

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somebody please tip us off if she has DIED


Is Shelly still around? Gotten vaxxed yet to maybe help with the long-haul crap?


John Newman
John Newman
08 ביולי 2022

I know that it should not, but the sheer infantilism of Shelly's "thinking" and other AVs continues to astound me. Shelly and her fellow dolts will be remembered in the future as an incredulous footnote in some graduate student's thesis on the Great Pandemic of the early 21st century. Pathetic.


She can join her husband. No loss.

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