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Time for another station break. First, sorry about the lack of posts over the past day; I caught some food poisoning. (Actually, found out that I think I'm allergic to Papaya.) Anti-vaxxers will surely think the Lord is punishing me for running this site. Well, I prayed for it to stop and it did, so there.

Second, I'm having all sorts of trouble with these videos. WIX can't seem to fix whatever keeps bringing them down due to bandwidth. YouTube and Vimeo keep taking these videos offline because of course they are anti-vaxx, and they won't accept the argument that I'm exposing anti-vaxxers as a reason to host the videos.

So bear with with me as I re-upload the videos; they will break but I need them to, so that WIX support will help fix their problem.

Also, more good news: the HCA award guys from Facebook are going to post here soon. That is fantastic news because those guys are very productive anti-vaxx posters. I'm not sure how often, I left it up to them, but they did agree to at least ONCE. :)


Now back to our regular programming!

OK, gonna post a new story soon, after I re-up these videos. I'll do two today to make up for yesterday. Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

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April Dancer
April Dancer
Feb 18, 2022

Are you still not able to upload the video? I sent you a second one which is a smaller file. It's only 4.5 minutes. Good luck!


April Dancer
April Dancer
Feb 11, 2022

I suppose for You tube you tried titling them something like " cute cuddly kittens" lol


last week I was in a live with an ICU doctor and a Covid survivor Chao, I said I’d post the link you tube link but I’ll post the pictures to get to the link, you don’t need to subscribe. Doc only has a few videos, he’s new to You Tube and doesn’t have the time. The video is an hour long and it’s Chao telling his story.


Not sure where to send any suggestions, so I'll just put this here.

I noticed that whenever I click on a link in an email or in notifications to a comment it doesn't take me to that comment, just the top of the post which usually means scrolling for ages to get there.

The reason: The email + notifications links are missing the commentId query string - it only has the postId:

However, if you go to the comment and click on 'Copy link' that link has the commentId and takes you straight to the comment:

It's probably a minor tweak to add this to the email + notifications links.

Thanks for creating this site - it's a breath of…


Vaxwell Smart
Vaxwell Smart
Feb 09, 2022

"Well, I prayed for it to stop and it did, so there." ...touché

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