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Stan Wilson, 59, Dewey, OK, EMT, Anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this obituary, Stan died from COVID on September 27, 2021. Stan was an EMT for the Bartlesville Ambulance Service for 27 years. Stan and his wife Nancy were anti-vaxxers, and as you'll see Nancy thought the Bartlesville Hospital could've approached Stan's treatment differently.

So was Stan really an anti-vaxxer? As an EMT? Let's examine the social media record:

One of Stan's EMS buddies in nearby Nowata, OK, died of COVID:

Vaccine didn't get rid of the flu, so I guess, well, not sure what the point of this is:

And, someone died after getting the shot (haven't done the autopsy yet, but still, I guess):

He was certainly suspicious of J&J:

Stan caught COVID:

And passed away:

After her rest, Nancy thought about it and had a warning for her friends. Was that warning to get vaccinated? No. She links to Dr. Peter McCullough, an anti-vaxx physician who was sued by Baylor Hospitals for using their name as his employer when he didn't work for them. He also pushes "alternative" treatments for COVID. Apparently he came to Bartlesville where Stan worked to give a presentation:

Here are her friends' responses:

She thinks Remdesivir killed him:

Fuck Joe Rogan:

She admits they weren't vaccinated and stood by it. She still won't get it!!

RIP Stan.

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