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Steve Danylo, 69, Cranberry Township, PA, Army Veteran, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Steve died on October 24, 2021. Steve is another of the many anti-vaxxers I didn't post, mainly because they were simply too much like other people, or they posted all of the same memes. For instance, I have countless guys with goatees and pictures of themselves with a freshly caught fish in their hands. I suspect I didn't post Steve here the first time because he posted all of the same memes as so many of the other SAV's. Anyway, Steve is a good representative of the anti-vaxx meme-posters.

Here's Steve:

Here's what Steve was posting:

Nobody tried to force you, Steve.

God, this is idiotic. I forgot about some of these memes. What do you know about virology, Steve? How many medicines have you taken in your life that you don't know anything about?

The VAERS thing...

Gonna have to investigate these claims:

Standard anti-Fauci meme:

Steve was so dumb he completely missed the point of this meme:

Doesn't understand probability:

By the way, this guy died from COVID:

Maybe the most widespread meme in 2021:

Project Veritas:

The problem with this math is that this accident stat is WORLDWIDE not just USA. 6.3 million people have died from COVID worldwide. This was someone who NEVER did their homework telling us to do ours:

Wonder what he thought of the right to abortion?

Whatever happened with this, Rand Anything?

More Fauci...


And…he died from COVID.

RIP Steve.

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